What Does Jettison Do In Starfield?

Is your ship finally getting bored of you hoarding all the useless junk in it? Worry not, we will put things straight by teaching you how you can get rid of useless cargo by using Jettison in Starfield.

If you open your inventory while piloting a ship in Starfield, you are going to find a Jettison button at the bottom of the screen. But what does Jettison do in Starfield?

Unfortunately, the game does not explain it properly which is why we are here. You are likely going to take a hefty loss by losing precious items if you use the Jettison feature without knowing what it does.

In this guide, we will talk about what is Jettison in Starfield, how to jettison your cargo, and why it is useful in the game


You cannot access the Jettison option if your ship has landed. You need to be in space to eject out junk items in Starfield.

Jettison in Starfield explained

In Starfield, jettison is a feature that allows you to get rid of items from your ship. Jettison means that you essentially dump items from your ship into space. However, you can only do this while you are controlling your ship and are in space. Jettison also allows you to transfer the items from one ship to another directly.

You will actually have to jettison as part of the main story so it is best you learn everything about this mechanic beforehand.


During the Starborn mission, you can jettison the artifact you have gathered and so the enemy ship can pick it up. It will, however, make your companions back at Constellation dislike you for giving it up easily.

How to Jettison cargo in Starfield

Before explaining the mechanics, it is important to know there are various factors that will force your hand to jettison items in Starfield. Following are some of the reasons why you want to get rid of all the junk you are hoarding.

  • You are encumbered (Over-Weighed)
  • You have a lot of junk/cargo
  • You are carrying any Contraband aboard and want to get rid of them

Once you encounter any of the conditions mentioned above, you can simply open your inventory and select cargo hold. From there, you can select the Jettison option to jettison cargo in Starfield and get rid of unnecessary items.

1. Get rid of junk and unwanted Items

Your ship does not have an infinite storage box space in Starfield. Hence, you are sooner or later going to run out of carrying capacity. This leads to encumbrance, a returning feature from Elder Scrolls where exceeding your weight-carrying limit slows you down and makes you highly inefficient.

If that is the case in Starfield, you can jettison any junk or cargo items to free up space. For example, you might be heading to a planet to get rare resources and want extra storage space.

2. Getting rid of contraband

Some items are tagged as contraband in Starfield and hence, are considered illegal. If you are trying to smuggle contraband into a planet to sell for credits, you will have to bypass the security patrols.

In case you feel that you are going to get caught with contraband on your ship, it is far better to jettison contraband into space than face jail and hefty fines in Starfield. Just like any other item, simply open your cargo hold and jettison the contraband by pressing the jettison button (Y on Xbox)

Here is a list of items that are considered Contraband

  • Banned Aurora Drugs from Neon City
  • Harvested Organs
  • Stolen Files
  • AI components
  • Mech components
  • Xenowarfare Tech
  • Heretic Scriptures

How to recover Jettison items in Starfield

Now there is a catch to all this. You can’t recover the items that you Jettison in Starfield. This means any item that you jettison into space is now lost forever. So, we recommend that you think carefully before using the Jettison feature.


Reloading an old save is the only way to get jettisoned items back but it will cost you your progress.

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