How To Scrap Junk Items In Starfield

Having too much junk has its fair share of downsides.

Chances are that you are currently carrying a lot of junk items in your inventory that you should scrap in Starfield.

Getting rid of them is how you free up storage space for starters. Secondly, the amount of weight you are carrying affects your Oxygen and CO2 levels.

If you do not do this, you will be encumbered. This will further affect your stamina, preventing you from traveling further into space in search of other planets. Thus, you must scrap Junk, which is a challenge in itself.

In this guide, we are going to cover all of the methods that will tell you how to scrap junk in Starfield.

What’s Junk in Starfield?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The saying sits quite well for this situation. In Starfield, Junk Items are anything that is of no use to you based on the current circumstances and situation.

These could be anything from a gun that no longer serves a purpose to random pieces of material that you picked along the way. You will essentially need to scrap and dismantle such junk items to make you lighter and make space for more useful items.


Junk Items are not to be confused with Junk Flush. While you might not need other items, you might need the Junk Flush which is a medical item that is going to help you get rid of any addiction, that you might have developed.

Can you scrap or dismantle Junk in Starfield?

Unfortunately, you cannot salvage Junk in Starfield. This is unlike the Fallout games where you could dismantle Junk Items to convert them into crafting materials.

What to do with Junk Items in Starfield?

To see how much Junk you are carrying, just open your inventory and head into the Miscellaneous tab. Except for Digikeys and quest items, everything else in the Misc. tab is Junk that cannot be scrapped or dismantled in Starfield.

So what do you do with your Junk Items then? You either sell them for money or get rid of them to make space.

1. Sell the Junk items

The most helpful method of scrapping junk in Starfield is by selling it. You can sell them at a reasonable price and get some credits. The price may vary depending on the item itself.

You will find several vendors spread across your territory that will happily purchase these miscellaneous items. Below, we have given a table dedicated to each vendor, along with their location in Starfield:

Jemison MercantileThis vendor is found at New Atlantis near a fountain
The Trade AuthorityYou will find this station scattered around different cities on different plants in the galaxies, such as Akila City, The Den, and The Well in New Atlantis
StaryardsYou will find Staryards at the orbit of each planet

Additionally, you can head over to the New Atlantis, which is the first major city you will come to in Starfield. Here, you will find several NPCs who act as vendors and are eager to purchase what you are selling.


Find vendors with higher vendor Credits to sell items to if you can. Higher-level Vendors take more items off your inventory and require fewer refreshes as a result.

It may not matter much at the start but later you will need to mass-sell items you gather from your adventures and spending an eternity in shops is less than ideal for a space explorer.

2. Drop the Junk items

If you cannot find any vendor looking to buy your junk, then you can drop the load and make space in your inventory. Simply approach any location where it is suitable to drop off your junk and get rid of it.

However, this should be a last resort if you cannot sell these miscellaneous items in Starfield. To drop junk items in Starfield, you can press the controls listed below:

XboxPress X to drop your junk items
PCPress the R-key to drop your junk items

You can also jettison your junk off your spaceship. While traveling, simply hit the jettison button to get rid of items from your inventory.

3. Use them as decorations

Additionally, you can hover over your dropped junk items to place them in your outposts. This will help decorate your outpost in Starfield. Simply hold E to pick the item up and put it on your outposts by pressing E in Starfield.

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