Starfield The Bounty That Got Away Walkthrough

Help out a Trackers Alliance Agent track down a Bounty That Got Away to help her redeem herself in Starfield.

There is a bounty hunter that let one of her targets escape. You can help her by tracking down the Bounty That Got Away in Starfield to redeem herself.

Thankfully, there is no combat and no persuasion check you need to pass which makes the mission pretty straightforward.

If you like platforming then you will love this quest but if that is not your cup of tea, don’t worry because we have you covered so let’s get started.

How to unlock the Bounty That Got Away mission

Head over to the Broken Spears bar in the Mining Colony of Cydonia on Mars. You will find the Trackers Alliance Agent leaning against a wall right outside. Speak with her to unlock and start the Bounty That Got Away mission in Starfield.

Finding the Broken Spear should not be a problem. This is the same location where you met Jack during the Red Tape Reclamation and the Red Tape Blues missions.

How to complete Bounty That Got Away in Starfield

The Trackers Alliance Agent hires bounty hunters and you can look into the mission they have to offer by browsing the Mission Boards. But to get The Bounty Hunter That Got Away quest, tell her you can help out with a job if she pays well.

She tells you that because of a Bounty That Got Away, she was stationed here as punishment. With news that he is lurking around the area, she has a chance to redeem herself but tracking him involves work that she can’t currently put in.

This is where your services are required to put a sensor on top of the launch pad Tower allowing her to track the target’s chip signal. She ends it by advising you to take a boost pack with you or else you will be climbing for a long time.

Find the Old Launch Pad

With the Tracking Sensor in hand, go back to the entrance of the colony and take a right. Head behind the colony, through the open Martian desert to find the Old Launch Pad on the other side of Mars.

You will need to climb up to the top of the Launch Pad and since the gravity of Mars is low you can make considerably higher jumps.

There will be platforming involved so shifting to a third-person view might help seeing your surroundings better. There are many ways to get up to the sensor’s location but we found this one to be the fastest and easier route.

Place the Tracking Sensor

To get to the top of the building, take the stairs on the left side of the Launchpad and continue straight. Avoid the next set of stairs and use the boxes on your right to boost yourself up to the next floor. Repeat this process to reach the grey-walled floor.

Find the spot where you need to place the Tracking Sensor in Starfield.

Once there, turn right from the wall and jump onto the metal scaffolding. Cross it and jump onto the rusty circular platform.

Boost yourself up to the black and yellow mechanical part of the machine and cross the metal framework again. Use the crates to reach the upper floor, take the metal pipe up, turn around, and jump across to the cargo to get to the next floor.

To reach the very top of the building, use the boxes behind you, and cross the metal scaffolding to the yellow part of the Launchpad.

Place the Tracking Sensor on the right side of the object as shown in the image below.

Report back to the Trackers Alliance Agent

With the sensor in place, head back to the Trackers Alliance Agent behind the Broken Spear bar in Cydonia.

She will tell you that the sensor is already working and give you your cut of the bounty completing The Bounty That Got Away side mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Bounty That Got Away mission rewards

Completing The Bounty That Got Away miscellaneous mission will reward you with 50 XP and 2000 Credits in Starfield.

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