How To Use Boost Packs In Starfield

Flying instead of walking? That sounds convenient. Boost Packs is the secret to it all and we are going to find out how in Starfield

We have all grown up with a dream to fly around with a jetpack. While this future might lie a little far ahead in reality though when it comes to the imaginary world of Starfield, things are looking pretty sweet. Boost Packs in Starfield as basically like Jet Packs that allow you to traverse different kinds of terrains with ease.

Instead of walking around, you can fly, glide, high jump, whatever suits your fancy. You will not be gifted a boost pack when you start the game. You have to go through a couple of steps to get your hands on one, and this is how you can do it.

How to unlock Boost Packs in Starfield

Boost Packs are an important piece of utility that you can get pretty early on in Starfield. They are not available from the get-go and they will not be available if you do not have certain requirements met.

Now for you to unlock a Boost Pack in Starfield, all you have to do is put one skill point towards Boost Pack Training Skill. You will find this skill in your Tech Tree.

You do not need to upgrade to max rank to use it. Rank 1 will do just fine and you will be able to use any kind of boost pack you want. Upgrading above rank one doesn’t affect your ability to use it. It only affects other factors such as fuel consumption and regeneration. Here is how each rank will affect things:

  • Rank 1: Unlocks ability to use Boost Pack
  • Rank 2: Reduced fuel consumption
  • Rank 3: Increase rate of fuel regeneration
  • Rank 4: Fuel consumption halves and regeneration doubles

How to use Boost Packs in Starfield

Using the Boost Pack is a simple enough task. It is similar to how you would do a double jump. Press whatever key you have assigned to jump. Once your feet are off the ground, press the key again, and voila! This is going to propel you into the air.

Tapping the button twice will give you a slight boost and if you keep holding the key after your second tap, it will remain activated, propelling you to an even higher altitude.

Be sure to keep an eye on the fuel gauge because running out will chuck you right on the ground. The fuel regenerates back up when you are not using it.

The boost pack works great for covering longer distances over a shorter period. You can get to vantage points where a regular jump will not get you.

If you jump from a tall building or rock, you can activate it at the last moment to soften the fall and avoid fall damage. As always, the ability is yours to use and you can be as creative as you want to be.

Where to find Boost Packs in Starfield

Boost Packs in Starfield are a commodity and are available pretty much at all shops and vendors. You can buy them using Credit so it is best to find ways to earn money fast.

You can find the basic ones while looting areas such as abandoned spaceships and other locations around the Settled Systems. Lastly, you will also get your first Boost Pack after completing The Old Neighbourhood Quest to join the Constellation Faction.

Boostpacks are always going to be your best friend while you are on a quest or even simply exploring different planets. It is best to always be on the lookout for better ones.

Something to note is that while a boost pack is part of your backpack not every backpack has a boost pack. You have to make sure you have the right backpack as well.

Types of Boost Packs in Starfield

Starfield makes sure that there is something for everyone and the boost pack is no exception. There isn’t just one but four different types of Boost Packs. Here is what each one has to offer:

  • Basic: The most common type of Boost Pack. It will generally work for most situations and helps you get from point A to B with low-power thrusts.
  • Balanced: A fuel-efficient jetpack that helps you travel longer distances in a single flight, without having to land.
  • Power: A single-use powerful Boost Pack to launch you to max altitude even on planets with higher gravity.
  • Skip: It is the opposite of the Power Boost Pack. Allows you to stay at lower altitudes and works best for planets with weaker gravity.

Pick one that suits your needs or has multiple types in your inventory to swap when the time comes. All in all, this is going to be one of your most used pieces of equipment so the more the merrier.

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