How To Travel To The Eye In Starfield

The Eye is a space station in Starfield that you can visit to complete some missions.

The mission named Short Sighted will have you invested in helping Vladimir to repair the Eye in Starfield. The Eye is a space station of Constellation. You will visit it during the mission; the only problem you may face here is docking at the Eye.

The guide will span over The Eye’s location and what you can do at the Eye. I will also explain the constraint of how to dock the Eye, as players can find it a bit frustrating.

Starfield The Eye Location

The Eye is located in the Alpha Centauri system near Planet Jemison. First, go to the Alpha Centauri System on your map and find the Eye icon near Jemison. Then choose the option to travel to it.

After the loading screen disappears, you will find your ship in space and see Starfield Jemison Planet at a glance. However, looking closely, you will see another blue unlabelled marker near Jemison. Boost your way towards the mark until you see the space station magnifying as you travel towards it.

Keep your Starfield ship in line with the marker so that you do not stray from your path. You can traverse to the Eye in no time and see your ship surrounding it. You may have located the Eye, but to dock the Eye is one more challenge. Don’t worry, though; I’ll go through how to dock the Eye next up.

How to dock The Eye in Starfield

To Dock the Eye, you have to get as close as you can to the Eye. Then, you have to align your ship with the center point of the space station such that it visibly appeals to the process of Docking in Starfield. When you have successfully maneuvered to the center point of the Eye, you will see the option to dock momentarily.

This is the window of opportunity to dock it. Choose the option to dock it as soon as possible, which will showcase your ship docking with the Eye, and then offer you the option to Board later. Boarding the space station will let you finish the Go to the Eye quest in Starfield.

What you can do at The Eye

After you have docked and successfully boarded the Eye, your objective will update towards checking in over everyone on the Space Station. You will see multiple blue markers in Starfield that you have to locate yourself at.

These blue markers represent different characters of the Eye Space Station who have witnessed destruction and been hurt or injured in one way or another. This is pretty much what you can do at the Eye as you have to complete the “Check in On Everyone” quest by conversing with each person marked with the blue icon and ensuring they are all right.

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