Sons Of The Forest Map And HUD Icons Explained

Understanding all the mini icons on the map and HUD in Sons of the Forest can be confusing which is why we are here to help.

After starting the Sons of the Forest, you will see different icons and markers on the map and screen. These Sons of the Forest icons represent different game mechanics and locations. We have prepared this detailed guide that will explain all the map and HUD icons in Sons of the Forest, so you don’t have any confusion.

Map icons in Sons of the Forest

When you open the map for the first time by pressing “M,” you will find colored indicators on the map. Now, let’s get into each of them and let us explain them to you:

Helicopter Icon

Helicopter Icon is the location on your map where your helicopter crashed. It tells you your spawn location.

Blue K icon

At the start of the game, you will find an NPC companion Kelvin. After the helicopter crash, Kelvin loses his hearing. If you save and recruit him on your side, the map will show a blue K indicator representing Kelvin’s location.

Purple markers

On the map, you will also find purple markers. These icons indicate items that are on the map. These can be weapons, ammunition, or abandoned supply bags. To get some of these items, you will need a Shovel.

White markers

There will be several white markers on your map. These indicate the location of different caves. Most of these caves have supplies like ammunition, weapons, drinks, and other types of equipment.

Green markers

Among all these indicators, the green icons are the most important ones on the Sons of the Forest map. These icons will tell you the location of the next objective. And completing these objectives will make you advance in story progression. Before you go into these markers, equip yourself well.

Also, these green markers are the location where you can save your game progress.

Customized icons

A player can also add customized icons by using a GPS Locator. When recruiting Virginia, place a GPS locator on her and assign an icon to that locator. You can track Virginia’s location by that icon on the map.

HUD interface icons in Sons of the Forest

These icons will be on your screen while playing the game.


On the bottom right of your screen, you will have your minimap, which is basically a short map in a circle. The map rotates with your direction.

Health Bar

On the left side of the minimap, you will have a red bar that indicates your health. If it depletes, you should take medical aid soon.

Stamina Bar

On the right side of the minimap, there is a blue color stamina bar that shows your overall stamina. The stamina bar is scaled by four icons above it, as these four icons are connected to the stamina level. You should have good stamina to do objectives and tasks. If it depletes, you must be depleted in any of the four above indicators.

Strength Icon

The strength icon indicates your strength and is denoted by the biceps icon over the minimap. You will fight your enemies well if your strength icon is at full capacity in Sons of the Forest. If your strength is depleted, you can regain it by eating food.

Thirst Icon

The thirst icon indicates your thirst level and represents a water drop icon over the minimap. If it depletes, you are dehydrated and should take water immediately. This bar depletes very often. So, it would be best to always have a water resource nearby to fill it up again.

Hunger Icon

The leg piece icon over the minimap indicates your hunger level. If this icon level depletes, you are hungry, and your strength and stamina will fall short. You should eat the food in time to remain in strength.

Sleep Icon

This half-moon icon indicates your sleep level. If it depletes, it means you are exhausted and must rest immediately. Otherwise, your strength and stamina will also become low. So, take good care of your sleep level.

Message Display Bar

This message bar is located on the bottom left of your screen. It displays a message from the game which tells you what action is required right now that you should do.

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