How To Recruit Virginia In Sons Of The Forest

Virginia in Sons of the Forest will lay off burden on you, especially when fighting multiple enemies, making the game journey easier.

Virginia is a mutant NPC companion with three arms and three legs in Sons of the Forest. Unlike Kelvin, who is mainly used for gathering resources, Virginia is on the whole other level.

She can do things that Kelvin is unable to do. Having her as your ally will lay off a significant burden on you, especially when fighting multiple enemies, making the game journey easier.

Sons of the Forest Virginia location

There is no specific location where she will visit you. Still, Virginia will most often visit you near your basement from a distance for some time and will leave you. This will happen for around two to three days. A player needs to know that you should try to make her feel comfortable near you. She seeks to be your companion but is scared to come near you.

A player must first know that you can only indirectly approach Virginia In Sons of the Forest. There is a whole process for it. BTW, it is she who will approach you first.

Once you find Virginia, don’t approach her aggressively. Stay calm and just watch what she does. She will get nearer every time she visits you. If, by chance, you have scared her or you have injured her, don’t think that she will not revisit you. She will again try to approach you as many times as long as she is alive. 

How to make Virginia a companion

Now, the way you make her your companion in Sons of the Forest is by doing nothing. Whenever she approaches, do nothing and just watch her. After 4-5 times when she visits you, she will bring some food for you. That is a sign that she is looking to be your companion. 

Accept the food. Now, go near her and press “E” to make her help you, and give her two weapons in Sons of the Forest. It will be better if you give her a pistol and a shotgun as she has three arms and can use both weapons. 

It is to be noted that Virginia will have a passive attitude toward everything when she will first join you and will not react. Even when a cannibal or a beast attacks her, she will do nothing against them. This is because she will follow your reaction toward them.

She will start attacking the enemies when you attack them in Sons of the Forest. Along with fighting, she can also point out enemies for you, and if she feels that you are being threatened, she will eventually come to your defense.

She will fight with your enemies and bring you food like fish, berries, and flowers, which she will come across, which is pretty cool. Kelvin also brings you food, but only when you tell him to do. While Virginia will bring you food randomly, and when you accept her food, she will just go and sit nearby and relax. She will also talk to you but will say only a few words.

Virginia is a fantastic companion for fighting enemies in Sons of the Forest. She will help you a lot and will make your game journey easier. Having her on your team will lay off a lot of burden on you.

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