How To Build A Campfire In Sons Of The Forest

Building a Campfire allows you to not only cook food but also to stay warm, provide light, and clear away wild animals in Sons of the Forest.

In Sons of the Forest, Campfire is an essential thing you must learn to build. The animals you hunt become useless if not cooked within the allotted time. You also need directions during the dark, and all these requirements are fulfilled by lighting a fire in Sons of the Forest.

You might also want to heat your body during the severe winters, and most importantly, to survive the horrors of the Forest, a campfire is a need.

Apart from all those benefits, you can obtain essential resources by burning down the dead animals in your campfire. All these things sound very intriguing, and you only require a few easily found materials to start the campfire in Sons of the Forest.

What do you need to build a Campfire?

You can find explicit instructions regarding how to build a fire in your Guide Book. You are only required to obtain the following materials to set up the fire:

  • 2x Stick
  • 1x Leaf
  • Lighter

You require at least two sticks and one leaf to start your campfire process. You might need to obtain some additional items that are optional for setting up the fire but becomes crucial when it comes to the durability and longevity of the campfire.

The optional items that you must acquire are the following:

  • 7x Stones
  • 2x Firewood

Get at least seven stones and two firewood to complete a campfire setup in Sons of the Forest. You know what things you need, but it is crucial to understand where you can gather all these items to proceed with your activity.

The sticks and leaves are readily available; you just need to cut down the trees or break bushes. The leaves are passively added to your inventory while you hunt for sticks.

Lighter is available in your inventory from the start of your survival journey in Sons of the Forest. So you just have to explore your inventory to get the lighter.

The optional items are easily found, making it easy to set up a campfire that provides comfort and food for a long time. You can collect the rocks from the ground and add them to your inventory.

Additionally, the Firewood is acquired by cutting down trees. After cutting it into a specific length, you must split the tree trunk into three pieces. A red line will appear during the cutting process, making it very straightforward.

How to build a Campfire

You need to follow a step-wise procedure that is very simple. Go to your inventory and select the sticks on the inventory screen’s right corner.

Place the stick on the ground by breaking it into two. Just left-click to break the stick and put it on the floor. Follow the same process with your second stick, and you are ready to initiate the fire in Sons of the Forest.

You need to light the leaf. Hold down your E key to start the fire, and you can keep adding leaves if you feel the fire is going out.

These steps set up the fire, help you survive the incoming dangers, and allow you to fill your belly with good food.

How to upgrade your Campfire

Now we are required to use the optional items obtained earlier to build a campfire that lasts longer. You need to place the seven stones in a circle next to the burning sticks. It is straightforward, as you will find a marker indicating the right place to place the rocks.

You need to use the Firewood from your inventory and place it inside the burning fire. This will ensure that your campfire stability increases substantially, and you can now sit by the campfire to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. You can even light such campfires in your house.

How to build a Campfire inside your Cabin

You can build a campfire inside your house in Sons of the Forest. You just need to select a spot to make a big hole using an axe and then follow the same steps as mentioned above to construct a warming campfire.

The campfire allows you to stay warm and help you cook food inside your home. Moreover, the aesthetics improve if you set it up in a perfect spot. You will stay warm even during the harshest winters and have no issues with the rain as the fire stays as long as you feed the ingredients inside the house.

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