Sons Of The Forest GPS Locator Locations

Sons of the Forest GPS Locator will help you from getting lost on the horrible, cannibal-infested island. You can use these locators to find your friends and companions and pinpoint some places to visit later. When you start your adventure in the Sons of the Forest, you start all alone, with your basic gear and a GPS tracker on you. Seeing on the GPS, you see three points of interest marked.

These points of interest marked on your GPS tracker will help you find Sons of the Forest GPS locators.

Sons Of The Forest GPS locator locations

The locations of the three GPS Locators you can find initially are already marked on your map from the start of the game but nevertheless, we have given a map for you to keep in mind

sons of the forest gps locators

Hanging Man Locator

The first GPS Locator closest to you is found near a cliff. It seems hard to find because you cannot find your colleague’s body. The body is hanging off the cliff. Climb to the top of the cliff, and then cut don’t the body to get it on the ground and retrieve the locator, along with the other items he had on his person. The flashlight is the main item you need, besides the locator in Sons on the Forest.

Gravesite GPS locator

This is the most challenging locator because it’s on a body buried in the ground. You need to find the shovel before heading out to get the locator. Dig the grave and find the locator, rebreather, and rope gun.

Washed away

This GPS locator is found near the beach. You need to swim out into the ocean to retrieve it. You need to swim out toward the locator from the beach, and you can see a red flotation device floating in the distance. Get to the flotation device and loot it to get the rebreather, a pistol, and a dead shark.

How to use the GPS Locators in Sons of the Forest

The main use of the locators is to give them to your teammates so you can keep track of them in the game. The location of the locator is always shown on your GPS.

If you are playing solo or have extra locators, you can also use them to set map markers anywhere. For example, if your entire base is hidden, you can use these locators to mark their location on your GPS. This keeps you from getting lost in the vast world of Sons of the Forest.

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