How To Get Water In Sons Of The Forest

In Sons of the Forest, you will get thirsty many times, and to quench your thirst, you will need water so kowing where to find water is a key

Water has a great significance for survival in Sons of the Forest. In this game, you will get thirsty many times throughout the game journey and a depleted thirst bar will result in health loss. You must maintain the thirst level before it is completely depleted. Otherwise, you will die or will become easy prey for the enemies. These things make it essential for you to know how to get water in Sons of the Forest.

How to find water in Sons of the Forest

The most common source of water in Sons of the Forest is the river. There are many rivers or streams of water around the island. When your thirst bar is low, head to a river and hold “E” to drink water. Do keep in mind that this only applies to freshwater sources so you can’t drink the salt water from the ocean.

If you are struggling to find a river or a stream, press “M” on your keyboard to open the GPS map, and you can find many rivers there. You can point to a location; the GPS will help you get there.

How to collect and store water

In Sons of the Forest, there are two ways of water storage so you have a handy supply for later use:

Craft a Turtle Shell

You can craft and use a Sons of the Forest Turtle Shell to store water for later use. Small turtles will not be suitable. So, look for a giant turtle you can find. Kill the turtle and collect its shell.

Now take the shell where you want to store water. Use 4x sticks with a turtle shell to make a water collector in Sons of the Forest. When it rains, the shell will be filled with water, and you can drink from it. This will basically serve as your rain collector.

Water Flask

Using a water flask is also an excellent option for storing water in winter. You can create a water flask through a 3D printer in Sons of the Forest. But, using a 3D printer requires resin. And finding resin is very difficult in the game. But, once you have it, you can easily print a water flask, use it to store water, and put it in your inventory.

Other sources of water

If you can’t find water, there are a few other ways to replenish and refill your thirst meter. To refill your thirst bar in Sons of the Water, you can consume the following products and they will basically serve the same purpose

Energy Drinks

If you cannot find a river or if the river is too far away and you have very little energy left, you can also quench your thirst with energy drinks. Energy drinks are in supply bags that are stranded. You can use it to fill your thirst bar until you can find a suitable resource for water.

So, always keep some energy drinks in your inventory for emergencies. Also, you can find these early at the plane wreckage site at the start of the game. Just look for a bag of supplies near the plane and grab a bunch of them.

Eat Berries or Yarrow Flowers

In this game, you can also find a water resource in a plant in a forest. Yes, you read that right. You can eat a Yarrow Flower, blueberries, blackberries, and salmonberries to temporarily eliminate your thirst until you find a river or energy drink in Sons of the Forest.

You can find these plantations quite often in forests. But, remember, they only quench a little bit of thirst. So, you must not depend on them all the time.

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