Every Scythe Location In Elden Ring

Scythe weapons in Elden Ring are not only stylish, they can deal some serious damage. We have the location of each Scythe for you.

Scythes are a special kind of weapon that belongs to the Reaper weapons category in Elden Ring. Due to their long-range and sweeping move set (that can drag an enemy closer for further punishment), these weapons are preferred by the players going against shielded and high-level enemies. All the scythes in Elden Ring scale with Strength and Dexterity making them the weapon of choice for Dex-builds.

There are four types of scythes available in Elden Ring. Each scythe has its own unique stats and weapon skill which make them vastly different from each other. In this guide, we will be covering all 4 scythe locations and stats, what makes them desirable, and ultimately which one to choose for your specific build.

Grave Scythe

This coarse-looking Scythe used to be a weapon of choice for the grave keepers of The Lands Between. Being one of the heaviest scythes in the game, Grave Scythe can only be obtained by killing Skeletal Mages present in three different locations. This weapon has a very rare drop rate making farming a chore for the players.

The first set of Skeletal Mages can be found after completing Stormveil Castle and unlocking Lake-Facing Cliff site of grace. From the site of grace go West to find a graveyard. These enemies will attack the players upon their arrival. Defeated Skeletal Mages have a chance to drop Grave Scythe and the chances improved with greater discovery stat. The second set of Skeletal Mages can be found in Crumbling Farm Azula. To find them, fast travel to Dragon Temple Lift site of grace and go South. The third and final set of Skeletal Mages is also in Liurnia of the Lakes. Fast travel to Behind Caria Manor site of grace and travel Southeast to find 3 Skeletal Mages near a fork in the road.

Grave Scythe requires 17 points in Strength and 13 points in Dexterity to wield properly. This behemoth weapon weighs 9.5 and scales with both Strength (D scaling) and Dexterity (D scaling). Grave Scythe induces bleeding (55), and its unique skill is Spinning Slash (same as normal Scythes). It can be imbued with various Ashes of War and increases Vitality upon wielding.

Stat NameAttackGuard

Grave Scythe can be upgraded with the help of Smithing Stones up to +25 level.

Halo Scythe

The weapon of choice for Cleanrot Knights, faithful servants and guardians of Malenia, Blade of Miquella, Halo Scythe is blessed by the gods of Golden City themselves. Halo Scythe deals a good amount of Holy damage in addition to the physical one. Halo Scythe can only be obtained by killing scythe-wielding Lesser Cleanrot Knights. These knights can be found in two places only.

The first location of Cleanrot Knights is the Heart of Aeonia near the Aeonia Swamp in the middle of rot-infested Caelid. These knights are also present in abundance inside Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. Once defeated there is a good chance for these enemies to drop Halo Scythe.

Halo Scythe requires 13 points in Strength Stat, 16 points in Dexterity Stat, and 15 points in Faith Stat to wield. This godly weapon weapons 8.5 and scales with the above-mentioned stats (D-strength, D-dexterity, and E-faith). Halo Scythe’s unique skill is Miquella’s Ring of Light (11 FP) which allows players to summon Miquella’s halo and shoot it toward enemies like a boomerang.

Stat NameAttackGuard

Halo Scythe can’t be imbued with Ash of War, and it also induces bleeding (55) upon enemies passively. Halo Scythe can only be upgraded up to +10 with the help of Somber Smithing stones.


The most basic and the first reaper weapon that players come across in Elden Ring is simply known as Scythe. This curved blade monstrosity’s location is inside a treasure chest in Cliffbottom Catacombs, East of Raya Lucaria Academy. The treasure chest is located near the end of the catacomb and is being guarded by three imp enemies. The location of Cliffbottom Catacombs is marked on the map and is sandwiched between Liurnia Highway North and Liurnia Highway South sites of grace.

Scythe needs 14 points in Strength Stat and 14 points in Dexterity Stat to wield properly. It also scales with Strength (E scaling) and Dexterity (C scaling). It weighs 7.5 and induces passive bleeding (55) upon enemies. Scythe’s unique skill is Spinning Slash that costs 12 FP, and it allows players to spin the Scythe to deal damage to surrounding enemies.

Stat NameAttackGuard

Scythe can be upgraded up to +25 with the help of Smithing Stones and can be imbued with a variety of Ashes of War to grant it different weapon skills.

Winged Scythe

A beautiful white Scythe that looks like wings of angels, this reaper weapon is distinct from its other three brethren. Winged Scythe is supposed to be a weapon of holy angels of death, and it deals Holy Damage in addition to the Physical one. Winged Scythe’s location is a treasure chest present in the middle of Tombsward Ruins. This ruin is marked on the map and is in the Southern region of The Lands Between called Weeping Peninsula. The exact location is to the West of Minor Erdtree and Mistwood Forest.

As a faith-based weapon, Winged Scythe requires 16 points in both Strength and Dexterity Stats and 24 points in Faith Stat for the players to wield it. Its weight is around 7.5 and scales with three stats including Strength (E scaling), Dexterity (D scaling) and Faith (D scaling). Winged Scythe’s unique weapon skill is Angel’s Wings that allows players to leap in the air, imbue their weapon with Holy light and come slashing down on the enemies as a wrath of God.

Stat NameAttackGuard

Winged Scythe passively induces bleeding (55) upon damage. It can’t be imbued with any Ash of War and can only be upgraded with the help of somber Smithing Stones (+10).

Each scythe in Elden ring has its benefits and drawbacks. Winged and Halo Scythes can be used by both sorcerers (faith-based miracles) and dex players. However, the rest of the reapers including Grave Scythe and Scythe can only complement dex builds in Elden Ring.

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