How to Get the Spirit Calling Bell in Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s massive and deadly open world is as mesmerizing as it is bloodthirsty. In a world where death lurks behind every corner, it would be great to be able to summon some friendly faces or monsters to help you in a fight which is why this guide tells you how to get the Spirit Calling Bell in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Spirit Calling Bell Location

Spirit Calling Bell is acquired very early on in the game at the Church of Elleh. Once you enter the open world of Elden Ring and talk to Varre, go downhill, past the Tree Sentinel boss, and you will see the Church of Elleh with the merchant inside it.

It is in this church where you will meet Renna and get the Spirit Calling Bell from her after some time has passed. Read on below to figure out how to get the spirit calling bell.

How to Get the Spirit Calling Bell in Elden Ring

As with many things in Elden Ring, the game won’t hold your hand and point to where you can find this item. Hence it is easily missable. Fortunately for us, the bell is located pretty close to the point where you start your adventure in Limgrave.

How to Get Spirit Calling Bell in Elden Ring

You need to go to the Church of Elleh site of grace to get the bell. It’s near your starting point in the world, just north of the Stranded Graveyard. From there, you need to get to Gatefront Ruins and rest at the site of Grace.

Melina will appear before you when this happens with an offer, a request in exchange for your horse. You must accept this offer and then rest on the site of grace and forward time to night. After this, get up from the site, and another NPC would have appeared. This will be the Witch Renna.

Talk to her, and she will offer you the bell and some Lone Wolf Ashes. You can’t refuse her no matter what dialogue option you take.

If you don’t go through all of this, Renna will stop appearing after a while, and then this bell must be bought off of the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold once Melina allows you access to them.

How to Use The Spirit Calling Bell

The bell will summon friendly NPCs or monsters to aid you in battle. There are certain areas you can use this in only. To use it, you need spirit ashes. You equip the spirit ashes as a consumable, allowing you to summon help when consumed.

Spirit ashes can be found throughout the world or can be bought from the twin Maiden Husks. These are still spells, so they cost you FP too.

Spirit Calling Bell Not in Inventory or Missing 

The spirit calling bell can sometimes go missing. When that happens, look for it in your inventory. The list might have been reshuffled to show the spirit calling bell at the extreme bottom. However, if you’re still unable to find it, the following suggestions might prove useful:

You can only use the spirit calling bell in certain areas of game. If the game thinks that the situation you are in is not challenging, you won’t be able to use it. Remember that you can only use this feature when the glowing gravestone symbol appears on the top-left corner of screen.

You cannot use spirit calling bell in a multiplayer fight. You also won’t be able to use it if you have already used furled fingers against bosses.

If none of these work, then try turning your PC/ console off completely and reboot your system. Launch Elden ring again and see if it returns. If still the problem remains, then it is definitely some sort of bug or error in game.

Renna Not Appearing Fix For Spirit Calling Bell

You might have encountered a boss called The Tree Sentinel that wanders near a path leading to the Church of Elleh. In order to fix the Renna not appearing issue, you will have to fight him and let him kill you. Then check the church. You should be able to find Renna again to acquire the spirit calling bell.

This has been the primary solution for many players but few have still been unable to find Renna. If you don’t find Renna after doing all this, you can still acquire the spirit summoning bell by going to the Roundtable Hold and looking for Twin Maiden Husks. There, you will be able to buy the spirit summoning bell from the vendor.

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