How To Get The Space Worker Armor Set In Remnant 2

The Space Worker Armor Set in Remnant 2 is located behind a locked door in the Void Vessel Facility dungeon.

The Space Worker Set in Remnant 2 is a snazzy-looking armor set that can be found in the Void Vessel Facility in the world of N’Erud. It looks like it dropped down from another galaxy.

As this is a lightweight armor, it focuses more on mobility and speed. On top of that, its brilliant shock resistance is something to note.

Although this suit may not have any set bonuses, it offers brilliant aesthetics and decent resistance stats. Moreover, the enhanced agility and increased speed of movement in this armor are something you’ll want to have.

The quest to find the Space Worker Armor in Remnant 2 isn’t as simple, and you might need some guidance along the way. So, follow through this guide to know it all.

The Space Worker armor set location in Remnant 2

The Space Worker Armor Set in Remnant 2 is located behind a locked door in the Void Vessel Facility dungeon, which itself is located in the Phantom Wasteland zone inside the world of N’Erud.

As you wander through this dungeon, you’ll encounter a door with red lights and a bright light in the middle. This locked door with lead you to the Space Worker Armor set.


You’ll have to find a special quest item called the Stasis Pod Glyph to unlock this door. This item can be found inside one of the three pod capsules located on the ground floor of the Void Vessel Facility.

You can check the location of the pods on the map below while noting that maps are procedurally generated in Remnant 2. The map image should, however, give you a fair idea of the surrounding areas.

Beware, as opening each pod will unleash an enemy onto you. Kill the enemy and check the pod to see if the Stasis Pod Glyph is present. If not, move to the next capsule and so on until you find it.

Once you find this item, collect it and head back to the locked door. Select the Stasis Pod Glyph while interacting with the locked door. This will open the door and lead you to the Space Worker Armor Set. Go ahead and equip this armor to enjoy its perks and aesthetics.

Space Worker Set stats and bonuses

The Space Worker Set in Remnant 2 is a pretty solid Armor suit with decent stats to compliment your gameplay. This four-piece armor consists of Space Worker Gloves, Body Armor, Mask, and Leg Armor. The Following are the stats this gear has to offer:

  • Armor: 44
  • Weight: 23
  • Bleed resistance: 4
  • Fire resistance: 3
  • Shock Resistance: 10
  • Blight resistance: 0
  • Toxin Resistance: 7
  • No stamina cost penalty

As you can guess from the stats, this armor isn’t as good when it comes to defensive stats other than its shock and toxin resistances which are pretty decent.

This Armor Set has prioritized aesthetics and fluidity of movement above other qualities. Since this is a light armor set, your character will have more agility and will be able to move more freely.

Moreover, you’ll also be able to enjoy faster and longer dodge movements that can help you escape deadly attacks.

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