Remnant 2 Fetid Corpse Boss Guide

Fetid Corpse is an elite version of the basic N'erud zombie enemy that you are going to find in N'erud in Remnant 2.

Fetid Corpse is one of the many bosses you will encounter in the N’Erud world of Remnant 2. This boss belongs to the Abberation race and is a glorified N’erud zombie who possesses all the skills that a common N’erud zombie has in its arsenal.

Fetid Corpse is regarded as one of the easiest bosses to defeat due to the lack of a move-set. Therefore, you will not face any issues shooting its brains out. Here we will be showing you how to defeat Fetid Corpse in Remnant 2.

Where to find Fetid Corpse in Remnant 2

You will find the Fetid Corpse at the Void Vessel Facility in Remnant 2. However, you cannot directly reach the Abberation and complete a side objective first. As you enter the Void Vessel Facility, you will come across three vessels at the center of the area.

There is a controller next to one of the vessels. You can interact with it to open the vessel and kill the N’erud zombie inside. Doing so will make space for you to fit inside the vessel.

Once you are inside the vessel, it will take you directly to the area where you will find the Fetid Cropse accompanied by several N’erud zombies.  

How to defeat Fetid Corpse in Remnant 2

Fetid Corpse is perhaps one of the easiest bosses to defeat in Remnant 2. Despite being accompanied by several common N’erud zombies, the fight will be quite short, to say the least.


What makes this fight against Fetid Corpse a bit challenging is the continuous spawning of several N’erud zombies who come at you from all directions. But they can be easily killed with a couple of headshots.

As the fight rolls on, Fetid Corpse will mostly spend its time at different corners of the area trying to avoid coming in contact with you. You can take this moment to clear the area by killing the N’erud zombies that are spawning constantly.

Each time you kill a zombie, you can shift your focus on Fetid Corpse. Fetid Cropse possesses all the skills and attacks that a common N’Erud zombie has. Meaning, it can only perform two attacks.

The first attack sees it running straight at you to perform a slash attack with its claws. The second attack is a leaping slash attack where it jumps in the air to slash you with both of its claws at once.

Due to how slow each attack is executed, you can easily move out of the way to dodge the attack and avoid dealing any damage.

To deal damage to Fetid Corpse, you must target its exposed core in the center of its body. This is its weak spot. You need to target it to do the most damage.

However, make sure that you keep a safe distance from the boss and the N’erud zombies as they can deal a good amount of damage if you get caught in their slash attacks.

Keep shooting them using a ranged weapon such as a sniper or a rifle and within a short period of time, you will defeat Fetid Corpse in Remnant 2.

Rewards for defeating Fetid Corpse

As you manage to target the core of Fetid Corpse to take it down, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Transference
  • Scrap
  • Cracked Grey Health Rate
  • Corrupted Lumetine Crystals
  • Iron
  • Long Gun Ammo
  • Handgun Ammo

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