How To Get Twisted Idol In Remnant 2

One of the amulets in Remnant 2 is the Twisted Idol, which is exceptional, especially if you look forward to carrying heavy weight.

Remnant 2 is filled with various amulets that bestow its wearer with valuable enhancements and damage management. One such amulet in Remnant 2 is the Twisted Idol Amulet, which is exceptional, especially if you look forward to carrying heavy weight in the game.

Due to its impressive weight reduction and armor effectiveness, it is safe to say that the Twisted Idol amulet is one of the best amulets in Remnant 2. But before getting into its compatible builds and effects, let us look for the location of this amulet.  

Remnant 2 Twisted Idol amulet location

Fortunately, there is not much that you need to do to obtain the Twisted Idol amulet. You can buy it from an NPC merchant, Cass, who sets up shops at Ward 13. She will sell you the amulet for 400 Scrap. But as her stock is always randomly generated, it may not show up for you. You can reroll her inventory by traveling to another world and returning after 30 minutes.

Another way to acquire the Twisted Idol amulet is through the Wailing Tree, a Random Event that spawns in the outdoor area of the Earth map. Once you have traveled to the Wailing Tree, you must destroy it.

Shoot at the tree to commence the fight. The Wailing Tree has several weak spots that look like red outgrowths. Shoot on them to drain the tree’s health faster, especially at the largest one marked in the image.

After you have attacked the tree, it will summon enemy mobs to fight back. Get them out of your way but keep your main focus on the tree, as the enemies will disappear once it dies. You can also take help from teammates or summon mods to make a quick kill.

Once the Wailing Tree is destroyed, you and your teammates (if any) will be rewarded with the Twisted Idol amulet in Remnant 2.

Twisted Idol Stats

The Twisted Idol amulet influences both the effectiveness of armor and its encumbrance. As for the effectiveness of armor, this amulet provides a 30% increase, thus allowing you to have a more robust defense.

This additional protection is needed for players to progress through the game while their other defense stats are not yet upgraded. As for the Encumbrance, this amulet provides a 15% decrease, making it the best item for weight reduction. This amulet is for you if you want to wield heavy armor without compromising your speed.

Twisted Idol best builds

The build that is paired up best with the Twisted Idol amulet is the High-Tech Sentinel Build because of the heavy weapons it carries. This build allows you to take advantage of this amulet by carrying a heavy arsenal without slowing down. To get this build, you need:

  • Long GunPlasma Cutter, Heat Sink Weapon Mod, and Momentum Mutator
  • HandgunEnigma with Chaos Driver Weapon Mod and Harmonize Mutator.
  • Melee WeaponAtom Splitter with Fission Strike Weapon Mod and Weaponlord Mutator.
  • Armor: Navigator’s Helmet, Technician Bodyplate, Technician Greaves, and Technician Gloves.
  • RelicDragon Heart
  • TraitsVigor, Expertise, Footwork, GluttonBarkskinand Spirit

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