How To Get The Twisted Arbalest In Remnant 2

The Twisted Arbalest is a long gun that throws energy discs as projectiles to cut down enemies in half in Remnant 2.

The Twisted Arbalest is a long gun that throws energy discs as projectiles to cut down enemies in half in Remnant 2. The weapon offers a unique playstyle in the sense that the discs can bounce off enemies and objects, so you can chain multiple enemies together using the same disc.

Suffice to say, the Twisted Arbalest long gun is highly effective against enemies in close and medium-ranged encounters with the ability of the discs to ricochet against walls and damage up to 5 enemies. Keep in mind that the ricocheting of the discs can hurt you and your allies.

The Twisted Arbalest location in Remnant 2

The only way to get the Twisted Arbalest in Remnant 2 is to craft the long gun by bringing the following crafting materials to McCabe in Ward 13:

  • Twisted Lazurite x1
  • Lumenite Crystal x7
  • Scrap x650

Both the Lumenite Crystals and Scraps can be easily obtained by simply progressing through the campaign and killing-looting enemies at will.

The Twisted Lazurite, however, is a unique crafting material that can only be obtained by killing the Corruptor world boss in Yaesha. The important thing to note here is that you need to defeat the Corruptor using an alt kill method.

To get the Twisted Lazurite, you need to knock out the Guardian before killing the Corruptor. If you kill the boss while the Guardian is still alive, you are going to get the Hollow Heart for the Stonebreaker instead.


Is the Twisted Arbalest good in Remnant 2?

The Twisted Arbalest is one of the best weapons to equip in Remnant 2. Coming with a damage of 80 in its stock condition can later be increased to 240 through upgrades.

The weapon comes with its own Mod known as the Guardian’s Call. When the mod power is activated it highlights the enemies who’ve been struck by the disc and an attack from the Guardian’s Sword follows through providing an extra 100 damage to the highlighted enemies with a 3x stagger within the proximity of 5 meters.

The weapon only launches 1 disc at a time with 22 discs in total. However, the ability to ricochet 5 times allows it to hurt 5 enemies at once, and pairing it with the mod makes it your enemy’s worst nightmare.

Those seeking to create a build-around heavy damage capability while attacking multiple enemies will find the Twisted Arbalest to be their best bet in Remnant 2.

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