Remnant 2 Tal Ratha Choices: Kill Him Or Be Eaten?

When facing Tal Ratha on N'Erud, you must choose to either kill him or be eaten by him in Remnant 2? Here's the best choice.

While playing through N’Erud‘s Soul Sparks storyline in Remnant 2, players get into an interesting fight with the world boss Tal’Ratha. However, before the actual fight begins, you are forced to make one of two strange choices – kill Tal’Ratha, or be eaten by him.

Regardless of your choice, you end up fighting him. The choice mainly depends upon what kind of rewards you need. That said, it’s best not to jump straight to a choice without having an idea what the outcome may be.

In this guide, we’ll go over both Tal Ratha choices in Remnant 2 and what rewards you can expect from each outcome.

What happens if you say No to Tal’Ratha?

One of the choices you can make is to decline Tal Ratha’s offer in Remnant. In this case, you will have to engage in the boss fight and kill him. This fight will be against the normal variant of Tal’Ratha, which is a comparatively easier fight than the alternative.

However, the battlefield is much smaller, so you might have some trouble with movement. Nevertheless, if you are victorious and kill Tal’Ratha, you receive the following rewards:

  • Scrap
  • 1x Lumenite Crytal
  • Tome of Knowledge (consumable)
  • Spiced Bile (crafting material)
  • Shining Essence Echo (crafting material)

When Tal’Ratha does the move where he sucks you in, toss a Poisoned Ambit Ember Capsule in his mouth to stun him.

The Spiced Bile is a unique reward exclusive to this choice only. This is a crafting material required to craft the Nebula Handgun via McCabe. You can consume the Tome of Knowledge to gain an additional Trait point and the Shining Essence Echo has two uses.

You can either give it to the Custodian to craft the Siphon Heart or use it in the Drzyr Replicator to craft the Void Idol. The former is a relic that allows you to use a portion of your base damage as Lifesteal, while the latter is an amulet that increases your Reload Speed and reduces the ammo required for a reload by half.

What happens if you say Yes to Tal’Ratha?

One of the choices you can make is to let Tal’Ratha eat you in Remnant 2. You will be in for an interesting outcome. Tal’Ratha devours you whole, and you end up in a whole new realm inside him. In this realm, you enter a boss fight with the Tal’Ratha (Metaphysical) variant.


Killing Tal’Ratha in his Metaphysical state counts as this boss’ Alt Kill.

This variant is much harder to defeat. However, you have a wider boss arena, which allows you to dodge and gain the upper hand on him much easily. If you defeat Tal’Ratha in his Metaphysical state, you get the following rewards:

  • Scrap
  • Lumenite Crytal x8
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Shining Essence Echo
  • Acidic Jawbone
  • Segment (Quest item)

The rewards remain the same except you get the Acidic Jawbone instead of the Spiced Bile. You must give the Acidic Jawbone to McCabe and he will use it to craft the Gas Giant melee weapon. This is a huge hammer-like weapon with devastating capabilities at close range.

What’s the best choice for Tal Ratha?

Whether you need to kill Tal’Ratha or get eaten by it in Remnant 2 is a choice that is heavily dependent on the rewards. Each player must make their own choice by reflecting on their playstyle and choosing the appropriate weapon that would suit it best.

However, considering the overall capabilities of the weapons, choosing to Kill Tal’Ratha is often the best choice to make in this Remnant 2 boss fight.

This is because the Nebula Handgun works better than the Gas Giant in most situations. Moreover, it also has the potential to fit into many of the Remnant 2 builds out there.

Though the sheer power of the Gas Giant might seem interesting, the Nebula Handgun packs a bigger punch. It has a much higher potential to inflict enemies with Corrosion and for a longer duration of time. It even has a longer range than the Gas Giant, which makes it a far better option to choose.

How to fix Tal’Ratha bug in Remnant 2

In certain instances, you may encounter a bug where Tal’Ratha doesn’t respond to you, essentially preventing you from completing this quest. This bug can occur randomly, or in certain cases, it may happen after a crash. You can remedy this by using the following fixes

  • Reroll N’Erud (However, this will essentially make all your effort go in vain)
  • Fast travel to and from the location a couple of times
  • Reload a previous save file
  • Restart the game
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