How To Get The Shining Essence Echo In Remnant 2

The Shining Essence Echo is an important crafting material that you can use to craft one of two different items in Remnant 2.

Many of the most useful items you can get in Remnant 2 require one or more crafting materials to be made. Though the items are well-known, acquiring the crafting materials for them is the real deal. The Shining Essence Echo, for example, is one such requirement for a few of the special items in the game.

These items include the Void Idol Amulet and the Siphon Heart Relic. If acquiring one of these items is your goal, then here is what you need to do.

How to get the Shining Essence Echo in Remnant 2

The Shining Essence Echo is associated with a big quest that belongs to the Souls Sparks Storyline in Remnant 2. To obtain the Echo, you must first have access to the N’Erud world.

Once inside the N’Erud World, you must find and meet with the Custodian next to the Phantom Wasteland’s Ascension Spire Waypoint.

He is an interesting NPC who is assigned the role of the world’s protector. He will also tell you to seek out Tal’Ratha to get your hands on the Shining Essence Echo.

Find and defeat Tal’Ratha

By now, you may have an idea of how to get the Shining Essence Echo, but finding Tal’Ratha and negotiating with him is the real problem.


Note that to find Tal’Ratha in Remnant 2, you have to have access to the Forgotten Prison, which is the Soul Sparks storyline’s starting location. However, you must first find the Soul Sparks Cylinder before fighting with the boss.

This item can be found inside a strange mine illuminated with yellow light. Since this world is randomly generated, it would take a little bit of effort to find this item on your own.

Once you get your hands on the Soul Sparks Cylinder, you can head over to the Forgotten Prison to interact with Tal’Ratha.

Tal’Ratha makes a strange request from the players – to eat them, literally. It is your choice whether you choose to be eaten or fight Tal’Ratha in Remnant 2. Regardless of your choice, a fight with Tal’Ratha begins – with only a few differences between the two choices.

Regardless of your choice, you will still get the Shining Essence Echo,  so feel free to choose whatever as it doesn’t impact the item that we need from it.

The other rewards for defeating Tal’Ratha vary though,  along with what version of it you face. If you choose to get eaten, you face the Tal’Ratha (Metaphysical) version, if not, then you fight the normal version.

All in all, after you emerge victorious from the fight against the Tal’Ratha boss, you are rewarded with the Shining Essence Echo, which is a sphere that contains echoes of Tal’Ratha’s thoughts within.

How to use the Shining Essence Echo

The Shining Essence Echo is essentially a crafting material that can be used to craft two different things. You can choose whichever item you want, but you will only be able to obtain one of them in a single playthrough – not both.

Firstly, you can hand the Shining Essence Echo over to the Custodian, who rewards you with the Siphon Heart Relic in exchange for it. This Relic grants you the Lifesteal effect for a short while.

Secondly, you can use the Shining Essence Echo at the Drzyr Replicator to craft the Void Idol Amulet, which increases your Reload Speed to some extent.

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