How To Get Seal Of The Empress In Remnant 2

Seal of Empress in Remnant 2 is a ring that not only enhances your abilities but helps you in getting a weapon as well.

Remnant 2 features many rings that will enhance your abilities in the game, including the Seal of the Empress. On the surface, you might find that the ring has no significant value because you only get an increase in health, but deep down, it is so much more.

One of the uses of the Seal of the Empress is that it can be used to unlock a gun. The path you take to the ring also gives you a precious item which we will discuss.

Seal of the Empress ring location in Remnant 2

Many rings, amulets, weapon items, etc., are found by killing bosses or looting certain areas or chests. The Seal of the Empress is a gift from the queen, so you must respect her. When you first reach Yaesha and the Red Throne, you must talk to the queen respectfully.

When she gives you any task, complete it and report to the queen. The final task will be to go and kill the Corruptor boss. You can go back and talk to the queen when it is dead. Again talk with respect, and when you get the kneel option, you kneel. Doing this will get you the Seal of the Empress from the queen.

Now you can leave it here, but if you want the associated gun with the ring, you must get out of the queen’s chamber. After that, you can head to the library to the right. On the floor, you will find a sign on the ground on which you can use the ring. This will cause the floor to slide open, and you can jump inside. There will be the Ford’s Scattergun.

It is pivotal that you follow the steps above to a T, not doing any of the steps will result in you not getting the Seal of the Empress. Make sure you talk to her first and kneel whenever you get the option to do so.

Additionally, there is another quest associated with the Queen which involves you getting her a Thaen Seed. The seed is found inside the Ornate Lockbox. It is important that you do not give her the Thaen Seed until after you’ve acquired the Seal of the Empress as it may interfere with what you’re really after.

What does the Seal of the Empress do in Remnant 2?

The Seal of the Empress is a simple ring. When you equip this ring, you will get an increase of 20 in your maximum health. The downside is that the maximum stamina of your character decreases by 10. Other than this, you don’t get anything from this ring, but it is important in some areas we will see.

Seal of the Empress builds

The Seal of the Empress can be used in builds where the main goal is to be as tanky as possible while not caring much about the character’s stamina. This ring can be vital in the Engineer + challenger build.

This build has the Leto Armor as protection against all the damage. This build is not meant for speed but to conserve as much health as possible without moving much to dodge. Thus, the Seal of the Empress will do nicely in this build.

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