Remnant 2 Red Prince Choices: Pay Tribute Or Not?

While visiting the Red Prince in Remnant 2, you will be presented with the option of paying him a tribute or facing the consequences.

Upon entering the throne room of the Red Prince inside the Gilded Chambers of Losomn in Remnant 2, you are going to be forced to make a choice. You can either pay tribute to the Red Prince by offering him some Crimson King Coins or downright refuse to pay him anything.

The thing to note here is that you cannot trust the Red Prince. He is an optional boss who offers you a chance to skip combat in exchange for a tribute, but deceit is always around every corner in Remnant 2.

Whether you should refuse or give your compliments to him will offer quest-specific rewards. Once a choice is made, access to other options will be locked and the encounter will be rendered completed causing The Red Prince to disappear.

To make an informed decision, it’s best to know what impact your decision will have. Here we will explain whether you should pay or refuse Tribute to The Red Prince in Remnant 2.

Should you pay tribute to the Red Prince in Remnant 2?

While in the presence of the Red Prince at Gilded Chambers, you can choose to pay him a proper tribute if you have no intention of fighting this boss or obtaining the Blood Draw weapon mod.  If you fail to provide a satisfactory tribute, the boss fight will trigger changing the rewards offered by the quest.

However, this tribute does not come cheap and will require you to gather at least 3 The Crimson King Coins to satisfy him. These coins can be obtained by defeating elite red knights, Teleport Fae, who can be found in the areas of Beatific Palace, Council Chamber, and Postulant’s Parlor within Losomn.


You can carry up to 5 of the Crimson King Coin, 3 of which will be required for the tribute while the remaining can be used on Night Weaver’s Web to obtain Relic Fragments.

What happens if you pay tribute to the Red Prince?

After the appropriate tribute is presented, a cut scene will follow in which The Red Prince will summon his underlings to kill you instantly.

Upon respawning at the checkpoint, you will have Bloody Steel Splinter in your inventory along with 1 Trait Point, 3 Lumenite Crystal, Tome of Knowledge consumables, and some scrap.

Take the exclusive item, Bloody Steel Splinter back to Ava McCabe, merchant and weapons specialist at Ward 13. She will use it with 5 Lumenite Crystal and 500 Scrap to craft the Blood Draw weapon mod in Remnant 2.

What happens if you refuse to pay tribute to the Red Prince?

Choosing to refuse the tribute or questioning him about it will result in an optional boss fight with The Red Prince in Remnant 2.

An important aspect of this fight is that the boss can drop an additional reward if the killing blow was dealt with the Assassin’s Dagger. If you are having trouble with the fight you can check out our The Red Prince Boss Guide for additional help.

Defeating the boss normally will drop Forlorn Fragment with the other standard rewards. This unique item along with 5 Lumenite Crystal and 500 Scrap can be taken to the weapon’s specialist McCabe in Ward 13 for crafting the Firestorm weapon mod.

Dealing the finishing blow with Assassin’s Dagger will reward the Crown of the Red Prince, a head armor belonging to no specific armor set along with all other rewards.

What’s the best choice for the Red Prince?

If you are confused about whether to offer or refuse the tribute to The Red Prince in Remnant 2 then let us simplify some things for you to make your decision easier.

The Blood Draw mod impales five nearby targets by shooting chain shards and pulling them in. The pierced enemy takes 275 instances of bleed damage over the next 15s.

It works best with melee builds especially in close-ranged combat. It has its limitations with being a less-than-ideal option for ranged-builds and most enemies being immune to being pulled in because of the mod passive’s weight limitations.

The Firestorm weapon mod allows you to harness the power of The Red Prince and summon a fire cyclone. This ability applies elemental fire and burn damage while pulling the enemies in over the next 15s.

It is one of the best mods in the game offering solid AoE damage with crowd control passive and the best thing being multiple firestorms can exist on-field at once. The only downside to this mod is that it not only damages your allies but you can get sucked in too if the targeted enemy teleports to you.

The Crown of The Red Prince offers significant Fire and Blight resistance while being lightweight. It can work with any build and is not restricted to being part of any armor set. The main disadvantage is the negative stats for corrosive and bleed shock.

If you are still stuck on making a decision, we suggest fighting The Red Prince as you can obtain one of the best weapon mods in Remnant 2 along with a good armor piece. However, you can still choose whatever fits your playstyle best.

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