How To Get And Use Crimson King Coins In Remnant 2

Everything serves a purpose in Remnant 2 and so does the Crimson King Coins. What it might be? Let's find out.

Crimson King Coins are key items found in the Losomn region. They serve two purposes and allow you to acquire up to two unique rewards based on your play. However, getting these coins isn’t as straightforward as one might hope.

In this guide, we’ll explore how you can acquire and farm Crimson King Coins in Remnant 2. We’ll also be going over their two uses, which will net you some exciting rewards.

Crimson King Coins location in Remnant 2

The Crimson King Coin is found as a drop by defeating the Teleport Fae. You will come across this elite boss on your visit to Losom, specifically to The Gilded Chambers or The Great Hall.

They can spawn in either of the two locations. Defeat them for a chance to get a Crimson King Coin. The move set of Teleport Fae consists of normal slashes and generating a force field by swinging their swords. Both of them are easy to dodge once you get the hang of them. They take reasonable damage when shot below their neck, but since their head is weak, always aim at the top.

How to farm Crimson King Coins

While you are on the hunt for Crimson King Coin in Remnant 2, you might not find all three of them on your first visit to the dungeons, or you might want some extra to exchange them for Relic Fragments, later. In either case, you will have to Farm the Crimson King Coins.

You can farm them simply by visiting the dungeon over and over again. Visit the dungeon. Look around, and if you come across some Teleport Fae, take it down and collect your reward. If you can’t find any more of them, go back to the checkpoint, rest, and it will reset the Dungeon.

You can keep doing this until you have the desired number of coins.

How to use Crimson King Coins

Crimson King Coins serve a dual purpose in Remnant 2. Let’s talk about their primary use first.

At the end of your adventure in the Gilded Chambers, you will face the Red Prince. When you first enter the room where the Prince is present, he will initiate a dialogue with you. During the conversation, you will be given three options: to pay the tribute in the form of Crimson King Coins, ask what the tribute is, or refuse to pay the tribute.

Whether you should pay the tribute or refuse it is a choice that remains in your hands. However, if you have less than three coins, there will be a fight. If you pay him the tribute, you will die anyway, but with a slight twist. In this instance, you will receive the Bloody Steel Splinter as a reward. You can use it to craft a weapon mod.

Secondly, if you have excess coins left in your wallet after interacting with the Red Prince, you can take them to the Nightweaver’s Web in Tormented Ayslum, Morrow Parish, Losom. Offer it to the web, and in return, you will receive Relic Fragment as a reward.

Crimson King Coins not spawning?

You may find that the Crimson King Coins do not spawn for you in certain instances. However, this isn’t a bug; it’s just the way Remnant 2’s loot economy works. You’ll need to defeat the Fae multiple times to get your desired number of coins.

Secondly, make sure you’re targeting only the teleporting Fae. Other types of Fae will not drop Crimson King Coins.

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