Remnant 2 Kaeula’s Rest Dungeon Guide

Kaeula's Rest is one of the random dungeon spawns on Yaesha in Remnant 2 and we are here to help you complete it.

Once home to a demigod of Pan, Kaeula’s Rest is a dungeon on Yaesha in Remnant 2. Kaeula was a nature spirit that dwelt in the area prior to the Pan and relished in attention from mortals. Before being plagued by Root, she was benevolent and granted boons to those that she fared well with. Now there are no signs of life in this desolate place besides the abominations of Root along with her corrupted self.

Kaeula’s Rest is found in The Forgotten Grove area in the world of Yaesha but as the maps are procedurally generated in Remnant 2, you will need to explore your own world to find it.

How to complete Remnant 2 Kaeula’s Rest dungeon

Kaeula’s Rest offers an insight into the destruction Root leaves in its wake in Remnant 2. You will find decaying halls and locked doors filled with corrupted beasts but no secrets are hidden here. It is a one-loop domain with no additional random events besides items with chance spawns within Yaesha can be found here by luck.

Temple Locked Door

It is one of the first barriers you will experience in Kaeula’s Rest in Remnant 2. The locked door will keep you from further progressing into the domain so it can’t be ignored. Fortunately, you can locate the Temple Key on the same floor by exploring the area ahead. It can be found in the room further out with a broken wall highlighted in red.

Remnant 2 Kaeula's Rest dungeon

Bug: Temple Key not spawning in Kaeula’s Rest in Remnant 2

There is a reported bug that players experience in which the Temple Key does not spawn in Kaeula’s Rest keeping them from further progressing. Unfortunately, in such a case, you will have to reroll Yaesha to look for Kaeula’s Rest domain again.

Another method that might work for you is the door clipping glitch which has two main methods. The first is to invite a friend and perform the “high-five” emote while facing the Temple Door to clip through. The second method is placing the Engineer’s Turret as close as possible to the door with no standing room and simply picking it back up again clips you through the Temple Door in Kaeula’s Rest Domain.


How to defeat Kaeula’s Shadow boss

Kaeula’s Rest has no hidden or random event mini-bosses as of yet. The only boss to be fought is the domain boss, Kaeula’s Shadow found at the end of your expedition.

The corrupted demigod, Kaeula’s Shadow is the dungeon boss for the Kaeula’s Rest Domain. You will find the Tear of Kaeula Ring at the bottom of a statue surrounded by water near the end of the domain. Picking up the ring will trigger the boss fight where you will be dragged underwater by Kaeula’s Shadow and upon resurfacing will find yourself in her lair.

Defeating Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2 will reward you with Twilight Dactylus along with Lumenite Crystal, Tome of Knowledge and some Scrap. Twilight Dactylus is a crafting material for Rootlash weapon mod and can be taken back to weapon mod specialist, Ava McCabe at her shop in Ward 13 for crafting it.

Tear of Kaeula Ring has 2 primary uses in Remnant 2. The ring can be equipped to increase Relic capacity by 2 or traded with Meidre in Meidre’s Sorrow Event for the Sorrow Hand Gun.

Items, Armor and Weapons that can be found inside Kaeula’s Rest

All the possible items, armor, and weapons that can be found inside Kaeula’s Rest dungeon in Remnant 2 are listed here:

  • Stalker’s Brand Amulet
  • Tear of Kaeula Ring
  • Temple Key
  • Twilight Dactylus

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