How To Get The Tear Of Kaeula In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 features many hidden secrets and dungeons that reward the player with unique and powerful items. Kaeula’s Tear is...

Remnant 2 features many hidden secrets and dungeons that reward the player with unique and powerful items. Kaeula’s Tear is one such item that can be acquired by exploring the deep and twisted crevices of the Yaesha world. The ring can be worn to give the player two extra charges for their relic.

This ring is found in the Kaeula’s Rest dungeon. Picking it up will also start the fight against Kaeula’s Shadow boss. Due to the procedurally generated nature of dungeons in Remnant 2, Kaeula’s Tear can be troublesome to locate. But a little bit of exploring, and some rerolling, is usually all it takes to locate it.

Remnant 2 Tear of Kaeula Location

tear of Kaeula map remnant 2

You need to get to Kaeula’s Rest to start your search. Once you find it, continue straight on the path until your reach a large open and flooded area. You will find a large sizeable archway to the left. This will be adjacent to a waterfall, left of the octagonal shape in the map above. Head into the archway and you’ll be brought to another room full of enemies. Take them out and then look straight ahead. An ominous-looking statue should be present, and right before it should be Kaeula’s Tear.

Picking up the ring immediately initiates the boss fight with Kaeula’s Shadow. You should come prepared as this is one of the toughest boss battles in the game.

In case you don’t find the ring in your world, reroll until you find Kaeula’s Rest and the ominous statue inside. Once you have found both, you’ll also find the ring.

Should you give the ring to Meidra?

Using the ring as is will give you two extra charges for your relic. However, you can also give the ring to Meidra. Doing so will give you the Sorrow Handgun. This is an extremely powerful piece of weaponry. The Sorrow Handgun has a base damage of 45 and can fire 2.6 rounds per second. This brings the total base damage to 117, though it is limited by its rather small magazine size of 5.


Keeping the Tear of Kaeula or giving it to Meidra depends on the type of build you’re going for. Both decisions have their pros and cons, but it is ultimately up to you what you need. If you need more survivability, then you should keep the ring. If you want more offensive power, then you can give it to Meidra.

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