How To Get The Band Band Ring In Remnant 2

Wanna know how you can get the Band Band Ring in Remnant 2? Let's find out because who doesn't like perks even when downed.

Being downed while everyone else is having fun sucks. All you want at that moment is for someone to quickly revive you so you can get back in on the action. There is a ring in Remnant 2, which makes the process much faster, and we call it the Band Band.

The Band Band Ring allows your character to revive someone or someone else within a shorter span of time than normal. That is not all. You will not have 100% more health and movement speed while being downed. This is the power of Band Band, and we will look at how we can find it.

The Band Band ring location in Remnant 2

If you happen to be stumbling around in Endaira’s End in Yaesha, you can find the Band Band Ring in Remnant 2. In the area, most probably near the edge, you are going to come across a beautiful open space with a waterfall and spiral building with stairs.

If the area doesn’t appear for you, you can always reroll the map in adventure mode. If the area does spawn then you can proceed further.

Another thing to remember is that it is not a one-man job. You need to have two people to get the ring.

Locate the Music Book

Once you are clear, look for a slight drop near the waterfall. You should find a hidden room with a table. On the table will be a book. Interact with it, and you will have two pages.

One with a picture of the queen and musical notes. Another page with a picture of a ship and musical notes. For the Band Band Ring, you will have to go with the latter.

There should be two rows of musical notes, one for you and one for your friend. Memorize the order.

Playing the Music on the Tower

Now, go back to the spiral tower. Small openings in the wall allow you to look inside and around the tower. Inside each opening is a note carved on the ground.

Remember the notes from the books? Now, you and your friend need to stand on the notes in the same order as the book simultaneously.

A tone will be played as soon as you set the note.

Loot the ring from the pedestal

Once you finish all the notes, a green light will glow within the tower, marking the end of the charade.

Look behind the tower in the open space, a small pillar should have appeared from the ground. On top of the pillar would be the Band Band Ring.

Remnant 2 Band Band Ring Builds

More health while downed, faster revival time and time to revive someone else, and more downed health. If the Band Band Ring doesn’t scream Medic Build, we don’t know what does.

This Ring is the dream of every medic because, during a situation where you are downed or someone else is dowed while you are surrounded by tons of enemies, a faster revival time is like a blessing in disguise.

In that tricky moment, you are going to need all the extra health to stay alive for a tiny bit longer so your comrades can come and save you from an untimely death.

It can also work great with a Handler Build because of how your dog can revive you when you are downed. The Band Band ring is the kind of ring that goes with pretty much every kind of build because of how much it has to offer. If you want, you can check out some other great rings in Remnant 2 too.

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