How To Get The World’s Edge In Remnant 2

The World’s Edge is an S-tier powerful melee weapon in Remnant 2 and perfect for any melee-focused build. Here is how you get it.

Crafted from the fragments of the shattered World Stone, the World’s Edge is a massive greatsword in Remnant 2. It is decorated with glowing red shards that emit powerful charged attacks to cut through groups of enemies.

Being a greatsword, it is on the heavier side but it still packs a massive punch with its charged attack and projectiles. With the aid of traits like Swiftness and other sources of attack speed, it can prove to be quite comfortable and rewarding.

How to get the World’s Edge in Remnant 2

The process of unlocking the World’s Edge greatsword is fairly tedious and long in Remnant 2. You need to first finish the main campaign on Apocalypse mode by defeating Annihilation. You then need to head back to Brabus near the docks in Ward 13 and buy the World’s Edge for 750 Scraps.

The only problem here is that the Apocalypse difficulty option is locked from the start. You need to beat the campaign on any other difficulty setting to unlock Apocalypse, meaning that the World’s Edge is going to require you to complete the campaign twice.

The good thing is that the greatsword is a one-time unlock. Even if you delete the character that you used to unlock it, the weapon will still be available to be used by any other character.

Is the World’s Edge good in Remnant 2?

The World’s Edge is an S-tier melee weapon in Remnant 2 and if you choose to proceed with a melee-focused build then it will be one of the best choices for clearing zones and fighting bosses.


Its penetrable charged attacks and ranged projectiles will help tremendously in clearing areas off enemies with stagger helping keep even bosses in place.

If you were able to get your hands on The Bisected Ring then the infinite stamina will basically make your journey all the more smoother and easier.

Remnant 2 World’s Edge bug – not showing in Brabus’ shop

Many players have reported a bug where Brabus’ shop failed to update with the World’s Edge even after completing Remnant 2 on Apocalypse mode. You may encounter this bug if you played the game in co-op.

One workaround to solve this problem is to do a single-player offline run. Play until the Labyrinth’s sentinel section to force Brabus to reset his shop.

This new run can be made on survival mod but if its effects are transferable to your Apocalypse run is not confirmed.

Another way is to watch the whole credits after beating the game. Some players have reported that skipping the credits can cause the game not to reload properly and thus the appearance of the bug.

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