How To Build Storage Room In Raft

There are dozens of crafting materials and lootable resources that litter the seas and islands of Raft. You will require...

There are dozens of crafting materials and lootable resources that litter the seas and islands of Raft. You will require plenty of Storage to not only store those said items but also keep them safe.

Raft is an unforgiving survival game. When you die, you lose everything. However, any items that you have stored in your Storage will still be available to you after death. Items kept in a Storage can also be shared with other players but you will mostly need them to stack up all of your materials and resources for when you need them.

The following guide will tell you all you need to know about building Storage in Raft.

How To Build Storage In Raft

There are three types of Storage items in the game, each increasing the amount of accessible storage space while also increasing their crafting costs.

Small Storage

The Small Storage has a capacity of storing up to 8 stacks of items and is the one you get access to early in the game.

You can craft a Small Storage using 8x Plastic, 1x Scrap, and 2x Rope.

Plastic can be found in Barrels and Loot Boxes that are either floating on the sea or discovered randomly on islands. Scrap can be collected from the ocean floor near any island you encounter. Rope can be crafted using 2x Palm Leaves that are also found in abundance as flotsam or in Barrels.

You can place a Small Storage item anywhere on your raft. They can also be mounted on walls to either free up space or just for aesthetics.

Medium Storage

The Medium Storage is next, which is strangely enough just titled “Storage” in the game. It has an increased storage capacity than Small Storage by allowing you to store up to 20 stacks of items.

You will be able to craft Medium Storage using 8x Plank, 3x Scrap, 4x Rope, and 1x Hinge once you have researched Metal Ingot to unlock Hinges.

You can craft Hinge by using 1x Metal Ingot. You can find Plank either as flotsam or in Loot Boxes. You can also collect Planks by cutting down trees on islands.

Like Small Storage, Medium Storage can be mounted on your walls as well. They are roughly the same size as Small Storage though, just a little wider. They will take around the same space on your raft.

Large Storage

The third and final type of Storage in the game is Large Storage and as evident, has the greatest storage capacity of them all. You can store up to 40 stacks of items in a Large Storage, which doubles the storage capacity compared to Medium Storage.

Here, however, you will need to first find the Large Storage Blueprint. While exploring Tangaroa in the second chapter of the storyline, head over to the Main Tower on the massive ship. Then make your way to the top floor to find the Large Storage Blueprint.

You can now finally craft Large Storage using 10x Plank, 10x Plastic, 2x Hinge, and 4x Titanium Ingot.

You can get Titanium Ingots by throwing Titanium Ore and Planks inside a Smelter. To find Titanium Ore, you will need to use a Metal Detector on your treasure hunts in the game.

Large Storage cannot be mounted on walls. They can only be placed on floors because of their looming, vertical dimensions.

Which Storage Is Best

The Large Storage has more storage space than the rest but takes three times more space. They are also more expensive to make when running the numbers on the crafting materials required.

For an efficient and cost-effective Storage setup, you should always opt to craft Medium Storage. They are cheaper in comparison. You can also mount two or three of them (depending on the wall) on top of each other to cover the same space that would otherwise be taken by a single Large Storage.

In this way, you can have 40-60 slots of storage space compared to just 40.

Large Storage can only be considered for aesthetic purposes. It all depends on how you want to manage your raft.

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