How To Get To Radio Tower In Raft

Radio tower, in Raft, is an abandoned island. It is the beginning of quests in-game and has blueprints for the...

Radio tower, in Raft, is an abandoned island. It is the beginning of quests in-game and has blueprints for the subsequent quests as well. Getting to Radio Tower is the first and foremost thing to step towards the completion of quests. So in this guide, we are going to instruct you on how to get to Radio Tower.

How to Get to Radio Tower in Raft

In order to get to the radio tower, you will first need to have a receiver and antennas. You will need to research plastic, a hinge, plank, and a circuit board in order to craft a receiver. Similarly, you’re going to need scrap, a bolt, and a circuit board to craft an antenna.

Once both are crafted, you are required to place the receiver and 3 antennas one level higher. You also need a battery with the receiver for its complete functionality.

When you have placed the antennas, receiver, and battery; turn on the receiver and you will automatically get a four-digit code in your story journal. This is basically the coordinates to Radio Tower.

Adjust the sail in the direction of a blue dot appearing on the receiver. The blue dot is the location of Radio Tower. In this way, you will get to Radio Tower.

Radio Tower is a multiple-story abandoned island with one floor underwater. There are sharks around underwater but once you are in the vicinity of the tower, they won’t attack you.

You will find plenty of resources like scrap, plastic, glass, etc. There are many crates and abandoned stuff like barrels and platforms on the tower so look for things that can be used to climb up to the top.

When you climb up to the topmost room, you will find multiple notes and a new four-digit code. That four-digit code, which is added to your journal, is a blueprint for a new quest. You have to craft a headlight in this new quest. Go to the receiver and put the new code by using the lever and buttons to get the location of the new quest.

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