How To Use Simple Collection Net In Raft

You will need a Simple Collection Net to catch flotsam and debris on the seas when sailing in Raft. These...

You will need a Simple Collection Net to catch flotsam and debris on the seas when sailing in Raft. These can contain important resources or items to help your crafting needs.

The collection net works automatically to catch floating items when placed on your raft. You just have to make sure to empty it once its capture capacity has been reached.

A Simple Collection Net can also be used as a Foundation Piece and you can walk on it and place things over it.

How To Build Collection Net In Raft

You’ll need to craft a Simple Collection Net with 6x Plank, 8x Rope, and 2x Nail.

There is also an Advanced Collection Net, which requires 6x Plank, 10x Rope, and 4x Titanium Ingot.

The difference between both collection nets is their total net capacity. A Simply Collection Net can hold up to 10 items at maximum. An Advanced Collection Net can, however, hold up to 15 individual items. Any additional items will float right through the nets when the capacity has been reached.

How To Remove/Relocate Collection Nets In Raft

In Raft, Collection Nets can be removed and relocated according to your needs. To remove a fitted Collection Net, go near it and hold ‘X’. This will remove the Collection Net from that position and return it to your inventory. You can then relocate the removed net to a new position according to your liking.

Best Collection Net Setup

Once you are done with crafting, you’ll need to learn how to place a Simple Collection Net. Note that you can both remove and adjust your net. For example, if you see a change in the direction of the Raft, remove and replace the net in a position to use it more effectively.

The best and most efficient way to use a Simple Collection Net is to place the net along the longest edge of the raft and not specifically in front of it. Items that flow under the raft can be caught in nets placed at the back of the raft.

Here, the best Collection Net setup is to place 33 Simple Collection Nets in a single line as it will catch all incoming Flotsam as long as they are perpendicular to the raft’s direction of passage.

Your raft’s direction, however, could prove to be an issue as the nets need to be in the same direction as your destination. For that purpose, place 64 nets in an L shape by combining two adjacent lines of 32 with an empty corner. That will always gather all flotsam no matter which direction the raft is moving in.

Collection Net Placement Tips

Something else of importance when it comes to placement is not placing multiple nets side by side. You should leave some space between them to capture a wider area. Items don’t usually float between Simple Collection Nets without being caught.

Another important tip is to protect your Simple Collection Net with Foundation Armor. If you don’t have enough Foundation Armor, you can make one with 1x Metal Ingot and 2x Nail to strengthen your foundation.

Collection Nets act as a foundation for each other, meaning that two nets can support each other, without being connected to anything else.

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