How To Use Anchor In Raft

The Anchor is one of three navigational items that you use to control or steer your raft in the game....

The Anchor is one of three navigational items that you use to control or steer your raft in the game. The other two are the Sail and the Streamer. You naturally need an Anchor to stop your raft from drifting away or to just dock your raft at any location. The following guide will show you how to use an Anchor as well as explain the types of Anchor you can get in Raft.

Understanding the Anchor System

The three-part navigational system in Raft works in tandem when it comes to sailing. Sails are used to speed up your raft or change direction. For example, when wanting to steer your raft to the edge of an island you just spotted on the horizon. The Streamer on the hand is an in-game compass of sorts that can be used to determine your location and the direction you want to sail.

Coming to Anchors, they bring your raft to a complete halt in case you want to explore an island or any place. Without an Anchor, you might lose your raft to the tide and must then start all over again.

How To Craft Anchor In Raft

There are two types of Anchor in Raft: Throwable and Stationary.

Throwable Anchor

The Throwable Anchor is unlocked fairly early in the game and can only be used once to bring your raft to a halt. You will need another Throwable Anchor after using the first one. You can place a Throwable Anchor on any foundation block with the bucket/stick facing the water.

You can craft a Throwable Anchor with the following items:

  • 2x Plank
  • 4x Rope
  • 4x Stone

Stationary Anchor

The Stationary Anchor is unlocked later on in the game and is the better of the two, but is also more expensive. Unlike the Throwable Anchor, you can use a Stationary Anchor as many times as you want. You only need one Stationary Anchor for your raft.

Placing a Stationary Anchor on your raft might be a bit complicated. You need a three-by-three (3×3) foundation for the base of this anchor. Once you have placed the anchor, you need to remove the center foundation piece to create a path to allow the anchor to reach the bottom of the water.

You can craft a Stationary Anchor with the following items:

  • 10x Plank
  • 6x Rope
  • 3x Metal Ingot
  • 1x Hinge

How To Anchor Your Raft

To anchor your raft, you can use any of the two anchors mentioned previously.

To anchor your raft with the Throwable Anchor, simply pick up the bucket (Press E) and throw it in the water. To remove the anchor, simply remove it using the remove option (Press E). Do remember that once you remove a Throwable Anchor, you cannot use it again and will have to craft another one.

To anchor your raft with the Stationary Anchor, just walk over to the anchor and press E to drop the anchor. If you want to remove it, press E again while near it to weigh the anchor.

How Can I Place Anchor On The Second Floor?

Technically, if you made a hole in the first floor to allow a path for the Anchor to reach the water, then you could place the Anchor on the second floor, but sadly, that is not so.

There is currently no way to place an Anchor on the second floor, but it might be added in future updates, we just have to wait and see.

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