How to Get to Vasagatan in Raft

In Raft, Vasagatan is the second storyline location that you must visit to progress further into the game. Vasagatan is actually a shipwreck that holds the Blueprint of Engine and the Steering Wheel, as well as various loot boxes.

The Vasagatan also includes notes that describe how the cruise ship got to its current state and what happened to the crew members on board. This guide will provide you with a course of action to get to Vasagatan in Raft Survival Game.

How to Get to Vasagatan in Raft

Although getting to Vasagatan is not difficult, it is tricky if you start from scratch. So, to assist you, we’ll explain in detail how to get to the Vasagatan shipwreck.

The first thing that you’ll need to reach Vasagatan is the code of the area. It is found on the Radio Station, the first area you’ll visit in Raft. One of the four notes from the Radio Station contains the code for Vasagatan.

Once you have the code, program the receiver with that code and simply follow it until you reach Vasagatan. As you reach Vasagatan, make your way to the back of the shipwreck. There is an open door here that leads to the hold. This is the only entrance to the interior of the Vasagatan.

The Vasagatan is not a walk in the park; it is a maze with locked doors and hurdles to overcome. It is a large area that will require several in-game days to fully explore, so it is recommended to have an ample supply of Food, Water, Headlights, and Weapons on hand.

Being a co-op survival game, it is also best that you don’t attempt exploring the area on your own. Have some friends tag along with you as you navigate through the Vasagatan.

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