Pokemon Sword and Shield Level Up Faster and EXP Farming Tips

Learn how to level up your Pokemon faster with the help of our EXP farming tips for Pokemon Sword and Shield and rule the Galar region

Sword and Shield deliver fun challenges when it comes to increasing the level or earning EXP for your trusty companions. However, in order to reach the top of the trainer leaderboards and become the Galar Champion, you need to level up fast and grow your skill. That is where our Pokemon Sword and Shield Level Up Faster and EXP Farming Tips come in.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Level Up Faster and EXP Farming Tips

There are various methods of increasing the EXP and the level of your Pokemon. Talking about EXP farming, there are two most efficient methods for that.

Max Raid Battles

Max Raid Battles are the best to get the EXP Candies. EXP candies can be consumed by the Pokemon in order to level up. These candies come in three different sizes: L, XL, M, XS, S. The larger an EXP candy, more will it reward you will EXP and hence your Pokemon’s level will increase rapidly.

To get into a Max Raid Battle, you need to go to the Lair which is pointed out by a red beam. Once you reach there, interact with the Lair and get into a battle with him.

You can also head towards Wild Areas and look for dens with bright beams of light coming out of them. These dens are homes of powerful Pokemon. Get in there to start the Raid Battles.

It is useful to consider the weather when going into Raid battles since it can affect the amount of damage certain Pokemon deal and receive. Therefore, depending on weather conditions; the fight may or may not favor you. E.g: Fire types thrive in Sunny weather while Water-types prefer the rain.

Check the weather by pressing + with the map open. In Wild Areas, the weather will change daily at the very start of the new day. You can set up camp while you wait for the ideal weather to happen.

These battles also increase your battle skills as you will have to fight against a Dynamax Pokemon, and defeating him will award you with the EXP Candy.

There is also a Rare Candy which you achieve rarely after a very perfect battle. This candy directly increases your level by +1.

Cooking Curry and Camping

This is yet another method of increasing your EXP. In this method, you will have to eat the food with your Pokemon. Each Pokemon has its own taste for food, and you have to understand that yourself.

Once you know your Pokemon’s taste, cook the same type of Curry for him in your camp, which you can set up while hunting, and eat the curry with him. Guessing your Pokemon’s favorite flavor correctly will earn you bonus EXP.

You should also try simply playing with and interacting with your Pokemon at the camp. The more you speak with it, the quicker you’ll start racking in small amounts of EXP.

Poke Jobs

Poke Job is also a good but time-consuming method of increasing the level of your Pokemon fast. You can send your Pokemon on the job at which he specializes. For this, you have to go to the Rotomi in the Pokemon Center. It is an ATM type machine having a Rotom sitting on its top. Some Pokemon are better suited for a job than others so be sure to pick one that will work better and earn you more Exp.


Once you’ve defeated Leon and become the new champion, you can do some EXP farming with the Endgame tournament. Head to Wyndon Stadium and speak with the reception about rejoining the tournament. You can do it tournament over and over again without limit. Basically challenge the gym leaders and the champions to rematches over and over, and in return you will be getting EXP for every good game.

Since you can pick which trainers you want to battle again, we strongly recommend you go with either Leon or Hop. This is Hop will battle you with legendary Pokemon, so you will have a greater chance or earning even larger amounts of EXP for winning.

Use Traded Pokemon

Make use of the game’s Surprise Trade feature to acquire new Pokemon. You can even use this to get certain Pokemon that may otherwise not be available in the version of the game that you are playing. You basically register a Pokemon and trade it with another player who is online.

We recommend doing this since using a Pokemon that you got through trading will earn more Exp when you bring it into a fight.

Lucky Egg

This item provides extra EXP farming opportunities by giving an EXP boost to the Pokemon holding it. You acquire it after performing an NPC task. Go speak to the chef at the seafood restaurant in Hulbury.

He will then you give you a mini task; You have to make three food deliveries at different locations for him. If you complete this task, he will reward you with the Lucky Egg for your troubles. Give it to a Pokemon you use frequently and it will level up far quicker than it would have otherwise.

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