Pokemon Sword and Shield Curry Recipes, Cooking Tips

Pokemon Sword and Shield have added a new cooking mechanism through which players can make curry for their Pokemon and...

Pokemon Sword and Shield have added a new cooking mechanism through which players can make curry for their Pokemon and trainer. Curry is basically Pokemon food that is made by using numerous ingredients. This Pokemon Sword and Shield Curry recipes will list all the curry recipes in the game as well as the ingredients required. There is a variety of Curry types that you can cook and collect.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Curry Recipes

Curry tends to increase your friendship levels with your Pokemon, and some Pokemon evolve due to their friendship levels, thus this adds to the advantages of Curry.

A perfectly cooked Curry will also raise your Pokemon’s HP, and restore any lost HP. Therefore, having perfectly cooked Curry on hand can be of immense use to any trainer.

There are over a hundred types of Curry, with possibly different effects for each type.

How to Cook Curry
You can camp and cook Curry with four other players and your Pokemon. While cooking the Curry, along with other ingredients, you will be able to choose a key ingredient which will be the determinant of the type of Curry.

Once you’ve added the ingredients, you will be able to perform certain actions/movements after a prompt; Stir the Curry, Fan the flame, etc. All of these actions will have different effects on the Taste Rating of the Curry that you are cooking.

It’s important to know that fanning the flame is an important task that can jeopardize the state of the curry if done improperly. You aim to create a large flame that quickly heats up the curry but doesn’t burn it. You must maintain the flame level, and you’ll know that you’re doing a good job when the pot begins to sparkle and Pokemon appear to celebrate your success.

If you go over the right flame level for a second or two, you won’t do any real damage (and you’ll still have a chance of attaining the Charizard rank) but anything over that will most assuredly burn your curry; so be very careful when cooking.

The same can be said when stirring the pot. You don’t want to overdo and cause the curry to spill out. Once again, you’ll know you’re doing a good job when the pot begins to sparkle.

The final process involved in the creation of curry is ‘putting your heart into it’. Taking the metaphor out of the equation, the actual process involves you waiting for the circle surrounding the curry to shrink and fit perfectly into the small, green area; press A right as the circle enters the green zone. Doing it prematurely or too late will result in a curry that doesn’t contain any of your ‘love’.

How to get Ingredients for Curry
When you are exploring the world of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the different areas will have things you can pick up, make sure you take any shiny items on the ground as they could be certain key ingredients you may need for some curry.

You can also shake berries from the tree, but beware to not over-shake the tree as that may lead to a battle with a wild Pokemon. Shake the tree only twice, if you lose to the Pokemon or run away, you will lose some berries.

Key Ingredients for a curry can also be very conveniently bought from certain NPCs in various areas. Make sure to buy out all curry ingredients from all NPCs whenever you have the money.

Curry Dex
The Curry Dex is a list that has a list of Curry recipes and types that you can cook. All new recipes will be recorded in the Curry Dex with its Taste Rating.

As stated earlier, berries are an essential part of making Curry. However, depending on the actual rarity of the berry itself, if you use multiple rare berries to make one batch of curry, the effects of that curry will be astronomical.

Sort your berry list by type, with the rarer berries being at the bottom, so you know exactly where they all are

Curry Types

The rule for making different variations of curries is using different types of berries. The required berries for each type of Curry are:

  • Spicy Curry: Figy, Pomeg, Qualot, Tamato, Occa.
  • Sweet Curry: Pomeg, Qualot, Grepa.
  • Bitter Curry: Rawst, Aguav, Pomeg, Ganlon, Apicot.
  • Sour Curry: Aspear, Lapapa, Grepa, Yache, Apicot.
  • Dry Curry: Chilan, Ganlon.
  • Neutral Curry: Lum, Sitrus, Mago, Kelpsy.
  • Different Flavors: Leppa
  • Unique Flavor: Oran, Persim, Hondew

As you’ll see in the recipes below, to make a specific kind of curry requires you using a special ingredient, combined with the above-mentioned berries to either make it Spicy, Sweet, Bitter, Sour, or Dry.

For each unique recipe, 10 berries of a certain kind will need to be added into the mix to create the curry you so desire


Below are all the Pokemon Sword and Shield Curry Recipes and key ingredients that go into making these curries as well as the benefits you get from them.

Recipe Key Ingredient
Curry None
Spice Curry None
Dry Curry None
Sweet Curry None
Bitter Curry None
Sour Curry None
Sausage Curry Sausages
Spicy Sausage Curry None
Dry Sausage Curry None
Sweet Sausage Curry None
Bitter Sausage Curry None
Sour Sausage Curry None
Juicy Curry Bob’s Food Tin
Spicy Juicy Curry None
Dry Juicy Curry None
Sweet Juicy Curry None
Bitter Juicy Curry None
Sour Juicy Curry None
Rich Curry Bach’s Food Tin
Spicy Rich Curry None
Dry Rich Curry None
Sweet Rich Curry None
Bitter Rich Curry None
Sour Rich Curry None
Bean Medley Curry Tin of Beans
Spicy Bean Medley Curry None
Dry Bean Medley Curry None
Sweet Bean Medley Curry None
Bitter Bean Medley Curry None
Sour Bean Medley Curry None
Toast Curry Bread
Spicy Toast Curry None
Dry Toast Curry None
Sweet Toast Curry None
Bitter Toast Curry None
Sour Toast Curry None
Pasta Curry Pasta
Spicy Pasta Curry None
Dry Pasta Curry None
Sweet Pasta Curry None
Bitter Pasta Curry None
Sour Pasta Curry None
Mushroom Medley Curry Mixed Mushrooms
Spicy Mushroom Medley Curry None
Dry Mushroom Medley Curry None
Sweet Mushroom Medley Curry None
Bitter Mushroom Medley Curry None
Sour Mushroom Medley Curry None
Smoked Tail Curry Smoked-poke Tail
Spicy Smoked-Tail Curry None
Sweet Smoked-Tail Curry None
Dry Smoked-Tail Curry None
Bitter Smoked-Tail Curry None
Sour Smoked-Tail Curry None
Leek Curry Large Leek
Spicy Leek Curry None
Dry Leek Curry None
Sweet Leek Curry None
Bitter Leek Curry None
Sour Leek Curry None
Apple Curry Fancy Apple
Spicy Apple Curry None
Dry Apple Curry None
Sweet Apple Curry None
Bitter Apple Curry None
Sour Apple Curry None
Bone Curry Brittle Bones
Spicy Bone Curry None
Dry Bone Curry None
Sweet Bone Curry None
Bitter Bone Curry None
Sour Bone Curry None
Plenty-Of-Potato Curry Pack of Potatoes
Spicy Plenty-of-Potato Curry None
Dry Plenty-of-Potato Curry None
Sweet Plenty-of-Potato Curry None
Bitter Plenty-of-Potato Curry None
Sour Plenty-of-Potato Curry None
Herd Medley Curry Pungent Root
Spicy Herb Medley Curry None
Dry Herb Medley Curry None
Sweet Herb Medley Curry None
Bitter Herb Medley Curry None
Sour Herb Medley Curry None
Salad Curry Salad Mix
Spicy Salad Curry None
Dry Salad Curry None
Sweet Salad Curry None
Bitter Salad Curry None
Sour Salad Curry None
Fried Food Curry Fried Food
Spicy Fried Food Curry None
Dry Fried Food Curry None
Sweet Fried Food Curry None
Bitter Fried Food Curry None
Sour Fried Food Curry None
Boiled Egg Curry Boiled Egg
Spicy Boiled Egg Curry None
Dry Boiled Egg Curry None
Sweet Boiled Egg Curry None
Bitter Boiled Egg Curry None
Sour Boiled Egg Curry None
Tropical Curry Fruit Bunch
Spicy Tropical Curry None
Dry Tropical Curry None
Sweet Tropical Curry None
Bitter Boiled Curry None
Sour Boiled Curry None
Cheese Covered Curry Moomoo Cheese
Spicy Cheese Covered Curry None
Dry Cheese Covered Curry None
Sweet Cheese Covered Curry None
Bitter Cheese Covered Curry None
Sour Cheese Covered Curry None
Seasoned Curry Spice Mix
Spicy Seasoned Curry None
Dry Seasoned Curry None
Sweet Seasoned Curry None
Bitter Seasoned Curry None
Sour Seasoned Curry None
Whipped Cream Curry Fresh Cream
Spicy Whipped Cream Curry None
Dry Whipped Cream Curry None
Sweet Whipped Cream Curry None
Bitter Whipped Cream Curry None
Sour Whipped Cream Curry None
Decorative Curry Packaged Curry
Spicy Decorative Curry None
Dry Decorative Curry None
Sweet Decorative Curry None
Bitter Decorative Curry None
Sour Decorative Curry None
Coconut Curry Coconut Milk
Spicy Coconut Curry None
Dry Coconut Curry None
Sweet Coconut Curry None
Bitter Coconut Curry None
Sour Coconut Curry None
Instant Noodle Curry Instant Noodles
Spicy Noodle Curry None
Dry Noodle Curry None
Sweet Noodle Curry None
Bitter Noodle Curry None
Sour Noodle Curry None
Burger Steak Curry Pre-Cooked Burger
Spicy Burger Steak Curry None
Dry Burger Steak Curry None
Sweet Burger Steak Curry None
Bitter Burger Steak Curry None
Sour Burger Steak Curry None

Once you’re done cooking, you will have 1 of 5 rankings. These rankings determine whether your Curry is of exquisite quality or not. The ranking will also determine what kind of benefits your Pokemon will gain from consuming it. The rankings are as follows:

  • Charizard Class (Gold): Restores HP, PP, and status conditions. Pokémon gains “a lot” of experience and get “quite friendly toward you.”
  • Copperajah Class (Silver): Restores HP, PP, and status conditions. Pokémon gains “a lot” of experience and get “quite friendly toward you.”
  • Milcery Class (Bronze):Restores HP and status conditions. Pokémon gains experience and get friendlier.
  • Wobbuffet Class:Restores HP by half. Pokémon gains “a few” experience points and get friendlier.
  • Koffing Class: Restores HP “a little bit.” Pokémon gains “a few” experience points and get friendlier.

Flavor Preferences

Your Pokemon actually have preferences when it comes to Curry. So even if you have a perfectly good curry with a Charizard Ranking, your Pokemon may not benefit from it completely as it’s not to their exact tastes. Their tastes are dependent on their Nature, and the following table will show you the exactly what your Pokemon like and dislike.

Nature Likes Dislikes
Bashful None None
Adamant Spicy Dry
Brave Spicy Sweet
Naughty Spicy Bitter
Lonely Spicy Sour
Modest Dry Spicy
Docile None None
Quiet Dry Sweet
Rash Dry Bitter
Mild Dry Sour
Timid Sweet Spicy
Jolly Sweet Dry
Hardy None None
Naïve Sweet Bitter
Hasty Sweet Sour
Calm Bitter Spicy
Careful Bitter Dry
Sassy Bitter Sweet
Quirky None None
Gentle Bitter Sour
Bold Sour Spicy
Impish Sour Dry
Relaxed Sour Sweet
Lax Sour Bitter
Serious None None

When making curry, be mindful of your Pokemon’s nature and craft a curry that suits its tastes.

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