Pokemon Sword and Shield Leon Battle Tips and Strategy

Learn how to defeat the Champion of Galar, Leon, with our Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle Tips to make quick work of his Pokemon

Finally, you have a fight against the Greatest Trainer in all of Galar, Leon, the great champion who has never been defeated before, until now. We have some Pokemon Sword and Shield Leon Battle Tips and Strategy for you to take that crown from Leon and become the regional champion by winning the Wyndon Gym challenge.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Leon Battle Tips and Strategy

Leon has a deadly collection of high-level Pokemon. In this guide, we provide a complete detail about his whole collection of Pokemon, and the strategies you should follow to beat him.

Talking about his level of Pokemon, he uses up to 10 Levels higher than all of the previous competitors in the bracket stage, hence you should have enough courage and level initially that you should have beaten all the previous competitors of the bracket stage easily.

Now wondering which Pokemon will he be sending against you? Well here is the complete list of all of Leon’s Pokemon:


  • Type: Ghost
  • Level: 62


  • Type: Dragon
  • Level: 63


  • Type: Dragon
  • Level: 62


  • Type: Water
  • Level: 64


  • Type: Grass
  • Level: 64


  • Type: Fire
  • Level: 64


  • Type: Psychic/Ice
  • Level: 64


  • Type: Fire
  • Level: 65

Shocked to see his collection of Pokemon? Or you were already expecting it? What so ever, the only thing that matters is that how are you going to fight and which strategies should you implement to get past the champion Leon.

First of all, let’s talk about which Pokemon you might need against Leon’s Pokemon. Even though his collection is huge and scary, you are also not any normal player, because you are going fully prepared against him by reading all this.

So you must have these two Pokemon, we will elaborate the reason later:


  • Type: Dark/Fairy
  • Level: 42


  • Type: Rock/Fire
  • Level: 34

We recommend these two Pokemon because most of Leon’s Pokemon have weaknesses against Dark or Fairy type, and the rest are the Rock or Fire-type. So your Grimmsnarl will take care his Fairy-Weak Pokemon and you Coalossal will take down the rests.

However, there is a specific strategy of fighting too, which you must follow because his level is way higher than yours and hence fight against him is not going to be an easy one.

Battle Tips
It would be best to upgrade both of the above mentioned Pokemon before getting into a fight with Leon, else not just his Level, his smart moves will also knock yours in a single move.

Bring the Pokemon you are best match with for the first match, as Leon will always choose a Pokemon of a better type than of yours, so you should be able to put a fight properly.

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