Pokemon Sword and Shield Max Raid Battle Tips

Pokemon Sword and Shield have a new featured called Max Raid Battles that allows the players to fight and catch wild Gigantamax Pokemon. Max Raid Battles enables players to group with other players in order to do this.

For Raid Battles, you are supposed to have a Nintendo Switch Online membership along with a Nintendo Account.

This walk-through will feature information and tips about Max Raid Battles.

Sword and Shield Max Raid Battles

Below is information about the Max Raid battles in the new Pokemon game as well as tips on how to win these battles and secure some Gigantamax Pokemon.

Team of Four
You will be allowed to form a team of four players at max, with which you can work to defeat the wild Gigantamax Pokemon.

You may invite friends or people from over the internet. To do this, you and your friends must first go into the Wild Area. You’ll need to first connect to ‘Local Communication’ (it’s located in the Y-Comm Menu). One of the players needs to be the ‘Host’ of the connection, and they are the ones who need to actually engage the Den initially. The Host can choose to ‘Invite Others’ after interacting with a Den, the friends can then accept the invitation and join the Max Raid Battle.

If you’re the host of the Raid, then your Pokemon will be the first to get a Dynamax or Gigantamax

If you do not have three other people to play with, computer trainers will be added to your team automatically. Throughout the match, you and your trainer friends will also have the ability to Gigantamax their Pokemon for up to 3 turns before the ability switches to another player.

How does it work?
Trainers are able to roam the Wild Area together. After they converge on the raid beam (a pink beam of light that indicates the location of a Pokemon Den), their raid battle will start. The light is not always an indication of the existence of a Den; 50% of the time it’s there to show that there are Pokemon nearby

This light is coming out of a pink hole indented in the ground. There is one more type of den with purple lights which is much harder than the pink one but rewards you with more Watts. You are sent a new screen for the battle when you approach a den with a Pokemon. The Pink Pillar Dens contain a Dynamax Pokemon, whereas the Purple Pillar Dens contain Gigantamax Pokemon.

You don’t know exactly which Pokemon you’ll face in the Den until you’re actually inside. However, a silhouette of the Pokemon appears on the screen, and if you’re knowledgeable about the varying shapes of all Pokemon, then you’ll be able to figure out which Pokemon you’re about to face

Your location and the game’s current weather will be the determinants of which Gigantamax Pokemon you will encounter in the raids. Rating of the den is given to you above the type of the Pokemon you are battling with. Invite players if you want a battle with real trainers or you can just press ‘Don’t Invite Others’ and continue the battle with NPCs.

A Den can be rated from 1 to 5 stars; the more stars a Den has, the tougher the Pokemon inside is going to be. Use the rating system to gauge out your own chances of victory, and whether you’re going to need the aid of actual players or if the in-game bots are enough.

As written above, weather conditions also affect the spawning of Pokemon. Pokemon have preferred weather which favors them in that condition when under battle. Some Pokemon will spawn in rainy weather, some will spawn in cold weather, and some prefer clear weather

Several Pokemon can only be captured after you defeat them in the raid battle, thus you will have to go raiding if you want to complete your Pokedex.

These Gigantamax Pokemon will be gigantic and very strong, and it will have special attacks like resetting stat changes and canceling the abilities of your Pokemon.

Only one team member may use Gigantamax on a Pokemon, this will make their Pokemon large and powerful for three turns.

Furthermore, Max Raid Battles actually have a set number of turns that you and your teammates can actually have; if you cross the limit, then you’ll be kicked out of the Den and lose your chance of beating the Gigantamax/Dynamax Pokemon. It goes without saying that you need to make every move count – don’t waste time doing frivolous things!

You’re allowed to use Items during the match, however, you will use up a turn in the process, and as it’s been made evident, wasting turns is a big no-no; if you’re confident in your team then do so if you believe it’s the right thing to do, but do so at your own risk

Each player is only allowed to bring one Pokemon to these Sword and Shield Max Raid Battles.

There is a possibility of not finding any Pokemon in the dens. At this point, you should have Wishing pieces that are going to attract them. If you do not have any Wishing Pieces then you can buy them by Watt Traders in the Wild Area for 3,000 Watts. Once you have it and you enter the den, you are going to be asked whether or not you want to throw the Wishing Piece. If you do, Pokemon will be attracted.

The Pokemon which you are battling against will stay Dynamax or Gigantamax but you can only use that ability for some time. Your Pokemon can be Gigantamaxed or Dynamaxed but it will return to its normal type after some time.  The ability of Dynamax can only be used by one player at a time so making a strategy among your team members is a crucial step in these battles.

The Gigantamax/Dynamax Pokemon (the one you’re battling) can actually have multiple turns in a row, and can also conjure up a shield that prevents you from attacking it. If you don’t use your abilities correctly, then you’re unlucky to actually come out victorious.

Once you’re done with the Den, it’ll be inactive for quite some time. If you wish to fight more Pokemon in a Den you’ve already completed, you’ll either have to come back some time later, or use a Wishing Piece to attract Pokemon to the location.

If you’ve completed the main campaign and have caught Eternatus, then there’s no other Pokemon we recommend more than this one. Eternatus is very powerful, and significantly lowers the difficulty cap due to some of its unique moves. Definitely use Eternatus if you have him.

Catching the Gigantamax Pokemon
Once you’ve weakened the Gigantamax Pokemon, you will have to use the massive Gigantamax Poke Ball to catch the Gigantamax Pokemon. Whether you catch the Gigantamax Pokemon or not is up to you but you will still be rewarded a good amount of berries, TRs and candies for completing the Max Raid Battle.

When the Gigantamax/Dynamax Pokemon’s HP is at zero, you will be asked whether to catch it or not. Meaning you don’t have to send out a Pokeball when it’s weakened, you can make the decision after properly beating it.

The Pokemon you capture in Raid Battles have a higher chance to be Gigantamax-capable and are capable of learning (or have already learned) some unique and Hidden Abilities that you won’t otherwise be able to acquire.

Max Raid Schedule

Always keep an eye out for game updates to get an indication of what Pokemon you might encounter in these max raids. While there are a number of factors and randomness involved to the Gigantamax Pokemon you will fight in a raid den, Nintendo also has a set rotation for it.

From November 15th till early January, players of both Sword and Shield have a higher chance of encountering a Gigantamax Butterfree in these raid dens. Similarly, Sword owners will more likely encounter Gigantamax Drednaw while Shield owners will go up against Gigantamax Corviknight.

Max Raid Exploits

Below are the exploits that have been found in the Max Raids of Pokemon Sword and Shield and they are very helpful when it comes to doing certain things in the raid. Remember, these are just the exploits which are working right now and if the game fixes it in the future, then these won’t work.

Soft Resetting a Raid Den

When you participate in the raids, in the end, you want to know whether or not you are wasting your time with it. You prefer to complete the rare raid beams instead of the common raid beams. This is a reason why you would want to know before hands that the raids you are choosing, are they common or rare.

This is where the soft resetting comes in. If you want to change the beam of the raid then you can soft reset it. Basically, all you have to do is choose and enter a den and then turn your Autosave OFF. Save your game manually. Use the Wishing Piece you have, to save the game and then go to Home. Just when you see the Home menu open, you are going to get a glance at the raid beam.

If you see any problem with the raid beam, you can go back to them and open the saved game and you will get your Wishing Piece back. Use it to repeat the process until you get the raid of your choice.

G-Max Raids

Here you have to soft reset a raid den in order to get a rare raid beam. In the rare raid, you are going to see the Pokemon you get. If it is not the one you wanted then you have to connect with people and make them join you to make a group. Press the Home button and after the menu opens, go to Switch system settings and see if your internet sync is turned off. If it is not, then turn it off.

Change the current date with the date of the next day. Return back to the game and cancel your raid. Start a raid again and you are going to be rewarded with 2000 Watts. This has also rerolled the Pokemon which you were going to find inside. This is the best method to get the G-Max raid you want. You can do this a couple of times in order to farm Watts as well.

Repeat the Raid

There is a way to repeat your raids even if you have won them. For that, you have to start by turning your Autosave OFF and save the game before participating in the Raid battle. Press the Home option before you see the raid’s rewards list option. Now when you close the game and restart it, you are going to see the raid there.

This allows you to repeat the raid and if you have missed a Pokemon and could not catch it, then this is your chance to try again

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