Pokemon Sword and Shield PokeJobs Guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield PokeJobs that your Pokemon can take, how much time each job or job type will require and what are the different jobs available.

Pokemon Sword and Shield has a feature that lets you assign your Pokemon a PokeJob. PokeJobs are basically the jobs that are assigned to your Pokemon in the Galar Region at Rotomi in the Pokemon Centers. It’s a fast way to earn XP and if you are looking for more methods to get faster XP, there are some other methods too.

Pokemon Sword and Shield PokeJobs

Some Pokemon are specific to a certain kind of Job and only they are to be sent to complete that job. Completing the job is going to reward your Pokemon with EXP.

The harder the job is going to be, the more EXP is going to be rewarded to your Pokemon. Another way to earn additional EXP is to send a bunch of Pokemon at the same time or sending your Pokemon for a longer time.

You are also rewarded with additional rare items on completing the Poke Jobs. When you send a Pokemon to complete the job, it can take an hour or twenty-four hours, depending on the job.

Once they complete the job, they are going to return to their PC Boxes. Not all Pokemon is Pokemon Sword and Shield can be sent at any time for a job. You should be aware of the timers:

A little While – 1 hour
Very Short – 2 hours
Short – 3 hours
Long – 4 hours
Very long – 8 hours
Half-Day – 12 hours
Whole Day – 24 hours

Below is a list of Pokejobs that we have discovered until now in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Multi-Purpose Fabric Development

Pokemon Required: Maximum 3
Pokemon Type: Normal
EXP Earned: 1 Star

Help Wanted On Our Farm

Pokemon Required: Maximum 4
Pokemon Type: Grass
EXP Earned: 2 Star

We Need Some Nets

Pokemon Required: Maximum 5
Pokemon Type: Bugs
EXP Earned: 3 Star

Help With Cooking

Pokemon Required: Maximum 6
Pokemon Type: Fire
EXP Earned: 4 Star

Guide will updated once we find more jobs!