Persona 5 Yoshitsune Fusion Guide

In Persona 5 Royal, Yoshitsune is among the most potent Personas regarding resistance. It is indestructible and can survive lethal damage...

In Persona 5 Royal, Yoshitsune is among the most potent Personas regarding resistance. It is indestructible and can survive lethal damage during combat. Yoshitsune, the 7th Persona of Tower Arcana, is available quite late in the gameplay. Follow this guide to learn how to get Persona 5 Yoshitsune and how its fusion works.

How to get Yoshitsune in Persona 5

You should try attaining Rank 5 of the Strength Confidant to get Yoshitsune. However, it’s better to opt for level 10 because this is when you can call Personas of a higher power. In addition, Morgana, an important Persona for Fusion, is free at Rank 10.

The Personas you’ll need to have for Yoshitsune Fusion in Persona 5 include the following:

  • Okuninush
  • Shiki-Ouji
  • Arahabaki
  • Futsunushi
  • Yatagarasu

Why you should get Yoshitsune Persona

Yoshitsune has excellent power and strong abilities, diminishing the player’s Lightning, Physical and Fire attacks. An unprecedented move, Hassou Tobi is a characteristic trait of Yoshitsune. Yoshitsune can hit every enemy non-stop eight times after getting hit once using this move.

Other characteristics, such as Heat Riser and Charge, can boost Yoshitsune’s move capabilities and attacks in Persona 5 Royal. Therefore, having Yoshitsune on your side can benefit you.

Weaknesses and resistance

Yoshitsune is resistant to all damages. It is immune to fire and can repel Electric Attacks. The only damage it is not protected against is the almighty and gun. The fused form of Yoshitsune has a unique ability to consume the damage inflicted on it and convert it to additional HP.


Which Fusions to use

After accessing the required Personas, you must go to the Velvet Room. You need traits of all the five selected Personas, i.e., Nuke, Wind and Ice Draining, Curse repelling, and Psy Draining. When you successfully fuse the correct Personas, you can get a robust Yoshitsune resistant to all damages except Almighty and gun in P5R.

Best build for Yoshitsune in Persona 5 Royal

Following is a correct way of fusing Personas to obtain such Yoshitsune in Persona 5.

Yatagarasu having Trait: Draining Ice.

  • Fuse High Pixie and Satan
  • Level Requirement: 98+ (Drain Ice)

Okuninushi having Trait: Drain Psy, Wind, and Nuke

  • Fuse Chi You and Ishtar = Gabriel
  • Level Requirement: Level 90+ (Drain Psy)
  • Fuse Gabriel and Atropos = Kali 
  • Boost  Kali’s Rank to level 82+
  • Perform Fusion of Silky.

Futsunushi having Trait: Repel Curse

  • Fuse Sandalphon and Narcissus
  • Level Requirement  78+ (Repel Curse)

Arahabaki and Shiki-Ouji

  • Simply call them.

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