Persona 5 Strikers Mad Rabbit Alice Boss Guide

In this Persona 5 Strikers Mad Rabbit Alice Boss guide, we will tell you everything you’ll need to know to take down the jail monarch.

Mad Rabbit Alice is the frisky first Jail Monarch that the Phantom Thieves will encounter in Persona 5 Strikers. In this Persona 5 Strikers Mad Rabbit Alice Boss guide, we will tell you everything you’ll need to know to take her down, including stats, attacks and strategies.

Persona 5 Strikers Mad Rabbit Alice Boss

You will encounter Mad Rabbit Alice as the Jail Monarch at Shibuya’s Jail, a transformed version of the real-life Shibuya in Tokyo. Let’s take a look at Alice’s stats and skills below to see what we’re up against.


Mad Rabbit Alice jail monarch has an HP of 6,000 with the Stagger Guage of 8. The recommended level to fight this Boss is at least 12 in Base Game, 20 in Painful Past, and 70 in Painful Past+.


Kick Attack
This is a Skill of Mad Rabbit Alice in which she hits the nearby target with the kicks and stomps on the floor.

Staff Attack
It’s a skill in which she hits the nearest target with the Staff and harms the target.

Feast Your Eyes
This is also a skill in which the entire arena is affected. For performing this skill, Mad Rabbit Alice gets to the pole in the center and dances around it, generating many hearts on the screen


She will finish her dance with shockwave in that skill which will cause damage to the entire arena. Nothing will be safe from it.

This skill of Mad Rabbit Alice causes damage in a small range. The technical damage caused by this skill in the small range is mental ailment.

This skill is the same as Psio but it causes damage in a wider range. The damage caused by this skill is also Mental Ailment, but it is caused in a broader range.

Marin Karin
With this skill, Mad Rabbit Alice can inflict Brainwash to a small range. The chances of inflicting Brainwash are higher with this skill.

Brain Jack
This skill also inflicts Brainwash but to a wider range. The chances of inflicting Brainwash with this skill are less.

I Will Crush You!
It is a skill of Mad Rabbit Alice in which she bounces her body on the floor, which will definitely crush you if you are in its range.

How Dare You!
With this skill, Mad Rabbit Alice claws the close-by target 4 times and deal significant damage.

Slice and Dice
This is a very dangerous skill. In this, she tumbles around in a zigzag way and curls up. This prevents the target from moving temporarily.

Now let’s talk about the strategies you can use to defeat Mad Rabbit Alice.

How to Defeat Mad Rabbit Alice

Once you get back to the jail after sending the calling card, you have to go to the 705 and take the shortcut to the top. You can use the new chain as a shortcut. You are recommended to upgrade your stats of strength and magic before getting into a fight with Mad Rabbit Alice.

Make sure to unlock the upgrade for the Phantom Dash as well. You can upgrade your stats by spending the Bond Points.

Mad Rabbit Alice is weak against the fire and wind, so you are advised to add Morgana, Ann, and Ryuji to your party. Initially, you don’t have to do much and save as much SP as you can for the second half of the fight when the Boss’ health drops 50%. In the second part of the fight, the Mad Rabbit Alice becomes more dangerous and aggressive.

Firstly start with the Joker Sticking Rakunda and make Ryuji cast Tarukaja on himself. In the entire first half of the fight with the Mad Rabbit Alice, you will be using him.

Interactable Objects
You will find two objects in the arena you can interact with; the Pole at the center of the arena and the crackers which are present around the edges of the arena.

We will recommend you to use the crackers around the corner because by using them, you can cause significant damage and stay at a distance as well. If you choose to use the pole, you cannot avoid any attack from Alice while you are spinning at the pole and this will cause a lot of damage to you.

That’s why you have to attack the Boss with the crackers and get to her to cause extra damage. When attacking her up close, be ready to dodge her attacks.

You are advised to save a few crackers for the Boss so you can hit her with them when she tries to spin on the pole. You have to hit her with the crackers when she is spinning on the pole to interrupt her attack.

Alice at 50% Health
Once Mad Rabbit Alice’s health reaches about half, she will get aggressive and her stance will also change. Now she is mad and stronger, so you definitely have to try to finish the fight as quickly as possible.

Now it’s the time for Ryuji to cast Tarukaja on all three companions when they are trying to take advantage of the Boss’s weaknesses. Attack her with wind and fire skills quickly, which will break down her shield and then finish the fight with an All-Out Attack.

Don’t give Alice much time. If she survives that attack as well, you have to continue to attack her till she dies. If you follow the above procedure, you will definitely beat her and came out on top.

The EXP rewards are different in Base Game, Painful Past, and Painful Past+.

You will be rewarded with 1,000 EXP in the Base Game. If you are playing in the Painful Past you will be rewarded with 700 EXP and for Painful Past+ the reward is 13,000 EXP.

The same is the case for Yen Rewards you will be rewarded with 10,4000 yen in the Base Game, 8,736 yen in the Painful Past, and 50,700 yen in the Painful Past+.

The extra rewards you will get are 3 recovery items and 1 Accessory but only in Painful Past+.

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