Persona 5 Requests and Mementos Guide

Persona 5 Requests and Mementos Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about receiving and completing requests.

We have prepared this Persona 5 Requests and Mementos Guide to better guide you regarding the details of all the requests and mementos currently found in the game

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Persona 5 Requests and Mementos

Requests in Persona 5 are acquired from the Phansite and sent by Mishima. Persona 5 Requests basically require you to head into Mementos in order to eliminate weak Shadows.

In addition to this, there are some requests which are acquired through Confidants. Mementos in Persona 5 are made up of eight different areas and each one of these areas unlocks after beating a Palace.


Areas: 2

Areas: 7
Rest Floors: 4

Areas: 8
Rest Floors: 5

Areas: 10
Rest Floors: 6

Areas: 12
Rest Floors: 4 & 8

Areas: 13
Rest Floors: 5 & 9

Areas: 14
Rest Floors: 6 & 10

Areas: 1

Areas: 15
Rest Areas: 5 & 11


A strange thing about the requests is that the shadows you face in these campaigns are not like regular shadows.

They tend to deviate from their origins and do not have the same weaknesses as you would expect them to have otherwise.

For instance, you will come across a shadow that looks like the Jack Frost. Naturally, you would expect it to be resistant to Ice and weak against Fire but that would not be the case in requests section of the game.

Beware the Clingy Boyfriend
Date: May 7th
Qimranut 1

The Bark and Bite of a Bully
Date: May 9th
Aiyatsubus 2

One Who Bullies Bullies
Aiyatsubus 5

Sadism Is Just a Sign of Love
Date: June 6th
Aiyatsubus 7

Part-time Job, Full-time Hell
Date: June 6th
Chemdah 1

If Cats Disappeared from the City
Date: May 25th
Aiyatsbus 6

An Elderly Meaning of Life
Date: June 5th
Aiyatsbus 3

Phantom Thieves vs. Burglary Ring
Date: June 18th
Aiyatsubus 6

The Loversick Cyberstalking Girl
Date: July 10th
Chemdah 8

We Aren’t Just Your Slaves
Date: August 2nd
Kaitul 8

Who’s Being Assaulting People?
Date: August 5th
Kaitul 5

Calling for Justice for Cats
Date: August 11th
Kaitul 1

Man of Many Faces and Debts
Date: August 19th
Akzeriyyuth 3

Who’s Muscling in Yogen-Jaya?
Date: August 30th
Kaitul 10

Winners Don’t Use Cheats
Date: September 4th
Akzeriyyuth 5

The Killer Who Cleans Up Trash
Date: October 14th
Akzeriyyuth 12

Swindling Old Folks is Pretty Low
Date: November 25th
Adyeshach 13

The Head Honcho in Showbiz
Date: December 3
Sheriruth 14

Lady-Killer’s Ballad:
Date: December 10
Sheriruth 8

A Small Cry for Help (True Ending only):
Date: January 13
Da’at 3

O My Young Sister, I Cry For You (True Ending only)
Date: Jan 14
Da’at 7

Fake-Man Show (True Ending only)
Da’at 15

An Idol and a Unicorn (True Ending only)
Da’at 13

Mishima’s Confidant Requests

In-game, you will come to realize that most of the requests that you receive are given to you by Mishima. However, there are some requests that you only can receive by raising his Moon Confidant Rank.

Moon is Mishima’s confidant and the fifth confidant that you unlock after beating the first palace.

Alongside showering you with requests, when ranked up, Moon will also provide you with a range of passive abilities that will help them.

Some of the requests are only unlocked at specific ranks of the confidant. These are listed below,

  • One Who Bullies Bullies; This request is unlocked when the confidant is ranked up to level 3. Additionally, you also have to complete a preceding request namely The Bark and Bite of a Bully.
  • Part-time Job Full-time Hell; This request is unlocked only at level 4 of the confidant.
  • Calling for Justice for Cats; For this one, you will have to work on the Convenience Store three times. Twice before 8/11 and once after that. Along with that, you have to rank up the confidant to rank 5.
  • Man of Many Faces and Debts; This request is unlocked at rank 8 of the confidant.

Also, remember that Mishima can only be found in the night-time in three different places namely, Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Akihabara. Other than that, he would not be seen in the rain.

Also, his availability also depends on the completion of his last requests. He sends them in my message, so be sure to check the messages once in a while and mark the enemy to complete his request in order to gain more.

Note that if you have not ranked up Mishima’s Confidant by the mid of Nov, you will have to finish the seventh palace in order to be able to rank up again.

The following are some tips and tricks that would be helpful while tackling the shadows in these requests,

  • It is advisable to approach the shadows in the rain. This increases the difficulty up by a notch but also increases the odds of having loot drops and treasure chests. This also gives a lot more money and XP and makes treasure demons a much more common.
  • We also suggest that you leave quickly after completing your request. This is advisable because it saves you a lot of resources. Also, if you go deeper and explore more, you will find that the Safe Rooms are far from each other and you might catch loads of trouble between any of these.

Confidant Requests

You will have to complete the following requests in order to maximize your rank for the Confidants.

The Money-grubbing Uncle
Source: Hierophant
Difficulty: B
Area: Auto

Daughter’s Just a Meal Ticket
Source: Hermit
Difficulty: A
Area: Ad:3

Ending the Boyfriend’s Abuse
Source: Fortune
Difficulty: C
Area: C:3

Debunking the Psychic
Source: Fortune
Difficulty: C
Area: K:3

Shady Deal in the Shadows
Source: Hanged
Difficulty: C
Area: K:4

Finding Truth in Journalism
Source: Devil
Difficulty: C
Area: K:9

Bad Medicine
Source: Death
Difficulty: C
Area: C:2

A Teacher Maid to Suffer
Source: Temperance
Difficulty: C
Area: C:7

Fighting for Truth in Journalism
Source: Devil
Difficulty: C
Area: K:9

A Mother’s Aggression
Source: Tower
Difficulty: A
Area: Ad:11

Upstaging the Stage Mother
Source: Death
Difficulty: C
Area: C:2

A Teacher Maid to Suffer
Source: Temperature
Difficulty: C
Area: C:7

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