Persona 5 Part Time Jobs Guide

In Persona 5, Royal part time jobs not just help you get some money but also boost your social stats. You can perform these part time jobs...

In Persona 5 Royal, part-time jobs not just help you get some money but also boost your social stats. You can perform these part-time jobs during specific hours in several Persona 5 locations. Choosing which jobs you want is better, keeping your time constraints in mind.

Each part-time job has its requirements and tasks; some of them will require you to have specific social stats, such as kindness or proficiency, to perform them well. We have prepared this guide to give you all the details about part-time jobs in Persona 5, including their locations, shifts, salary, and benefits.

Benefits of getting a part-time job in Persona 5

Part-time jobs in Persona 5 offer several benefits to you, including:

Extra money

Part-time jobs offer a source of income for you to use for in-game purchases, including equipment, items, and gifts for Confidants.

Improved Social Stats

Specific part-time jobs can increase social stats such as Knowledge, Guts, Kindness, Proficiency, and Charm, which are crucial for advancing Confidant ranks and unlocking new social links.

Access to new Confidants

Specific part-time jobs unlock Confidants, such as Takemi (the Death Confidant), who can provide you with unique abilities and rewards.

What Jobs you can get in Persona 5?

In Persona 5 Royal, you can do four Part Time jobs which are given below, along with details.

Convenience Store 777 (Shop Attendant job)

  • Location: Central Street, Shibuya
  • Shifts: Daytime (Monday and Thursday, 9 am-1 pm)
  • Salary: ¥3,500
  • Requirements: None
  • Social Stat boost: No boost, yet you need to work here to pursue the “Calling for Justice for Cats” request.

Your primary role in the convenience store is canning items and serving customers. You need to be quick and efficient and pay attention to customer requests to do your best in this job in Persona 5.

Beef Bowl Shop (Cook job)

  • Location: Central Street, Shibuya
  • Shifts: Evening (4 pm-8 pm)
  • Salary: ¥3,600
  • Requirements: Rank 2 Proficiency
  • Social Stat boost: +3 Proficiency (for a successful order)

As a part-time cook in Persona 5, your job here is preparing and serving beef bowls to customers. To excel in this job, you must pay attention to customer orders and use quick preparation techniques to speed up your work.

Shibuya Flower Shop (Florist job)

  • Location: Shibuya Station Underground Mall
  • Shifts: Daytime
  • Salary: ¥3,200
  • Requirements: Kindness Level 2
  • Social Stat boost: +3 Kindness

You work at the flower shop as a part-time florist, making bouquets and arranging flowers for customers. In this job, you must pay attention to customer requests and use your creativity to make beautiful arrangements in Persona 5.

Crossroads Bar (Cafe Manager)

  • Location: Red Light District, Shinjuku
  • Shifts: Evening
  • Salary: ¥5,400
  • Requirements: Kindness Rank 2 & Proficiency Rank 3.
  • Social Stat boost: Changes depending on the customers served.

The Crossroads Bar is a well-paying job that involves making coffee, drinks, taking orders, and keeping the cafe clean and organized.

Job changes in Persona 5 Royal

A few changes to the part-time jobs may be observed in P5R as compared to the original release, such as:

Convenience Store (777): In P5R, you can obtain rewards and Charm on every 7th day of the month)

Beef Bowl Shop: In P5R, rewards & proficiency can be obtained on the 29th of every month.

Flower Shop: In P5R, you will receive kindness points on Wednesday and Saturday.

Crossroads Bar: In P5R, Sunday will be the day you will obtain specific social stats.

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