Persona 5 Makoto Confidant (Priestess) Guide

Makoto in Persona 5 is the president of the student council of Shujin Academy. Even though she is the president, Makoto is unpopular...

Makoto in Persona 5 is the president of the student council of Shujin Academy. Even though she is the president, Makoto is unpopular among the students of the academy since she is unable to put an end to Suguru Kamoshida’s abuse. She lives her life overshadowed by her successful sister, leading her to live a submissive life.

She wields the persona Johanna and Agnes, the only member of Phantom Thieves who wields a pair of summon poses in Persona 5 Royal.

How to unlock Makoto Confidant in Persona 5

In Persona 5 Makoto’s Priestess Confidant can be unlocked on 24th June. You need to complete Kaneshiro’s Palace to unlock Makoto’s Confidant. Before 24th June, you need to make sure that you are at Scholarly rank three. Complete Kaneshiro’s palace after you have rank 3 Knowledge.

Where to find Makoto and her availability

You can find Makoto on the third floor of the Shujin Academy in Persona 5. Head to the Student Council and you can find her right in front of that in Persona 5 Royal. You can find Makoto here on days when the school is on but on holidays you can look for her next to the school gate.

Makoto is available on all days except Monday in Persona 5. She is not available at night time on any day unless it is raining because in that case, you can find her at both times.

What abilities to unlock at each rank

1Shadow CalculusAllows you to see skills and potential item drops on the analysis screen.
3Black Belt TalkIf negotiation with a martial arts-using Shadow fails, you can try again.
4Follow UpChance to perform a follow-up attack if Joker’s attack does not down the enemy.
5Harisen RecoveryChance to cure status ailments inflicted upon party members.
7Shadow FactorizationAllows you to see Null, Repel, and Drain when highlighting a target in battle.
8EndureChance to withstand an otherwise fatal attack with 1 HP remaining.
9ProtectChance to shield Joker from an otherwise fatal attack.
MAXSecond AwakeningTransforms her Persona into a mythological trickster.
ROYALSecond Awakening RFuse with the mythological Trickster, awakening its true power.

Best dialogue choices for each Persona 5 Priestess Confidant rank

Before having a conversation with Makoto in Persona 5 having a persona from the Priestess Arcana is a plus since you can get extra points.


Rank 1 – Shadow Calculus

You will need Rank 3 Knowledge

  • Let’s go again sometime. +2      
  • It’s a new you. +1 
  • The red-light district next +3

Rank 2 – Baton Pass

This is not available for Persona 5 Royal.

“I heard there were quite a few brothels as well”

  • You’re very well informed. +2  
  • Have you ever been here? +0   
  • Stay close to me. +0

“If you hadn’t been there to rescue me, I…”

  • You should have known better. +2      
  • That was dangerous. +3  
  • You get flustered easily, huh? +0

“The After School Salon…?”

  • Why is it called a salon? +0        
  • What kind of place is that? +0


  • Couldn’t agree more. +2 
  • He just wouldn’t give up. +0      
  • Let’s go in next time. +0

Rank 3 – Brainiac Talk

Eiko: “What’s up with that, Miss Prez?”

  • You have the wrong idea. +2     
  • So what if we were together? +0         
  • It’s none of your business. +0

“She thought I was a robot…”

  • Don’t let it get to you. +2
  • You can change. +3          
  • Beep boop. +0


  • Sounds like you two get along. +2       
  • Buchimaru-kun? +0         
  • Okay, calm down. +0

Rank 4 – Follow Up

“So, my class had a practice entrance exam… and my score was significantly lower than last time. I’m concerned…”

  • That’s unlike you. +2        
  • Is Thieves work distracting you? +0    
  • I’m sure you did better than me. +0

“I spoke to Eiko about this matter as well, but the answer hasn’t become any clearer…”

  • Eiko? +0       
  • …Who? +0

“Even at that, her vision of the future is still clearer than mine.”

  • Don’t you have goals? +0           
  • What about college? +0  
  • What do you mean? +0

“I sent her a picture… and it’s apparently the same brand they use in the nurse’s office at school.”

  • Why do you use it? +3     
  • That’s adorable. +2          
  • You’re not very ladylike… +0

“I had completely forgotten about that dream, to be honest…”

  • Do you still want to pursue it? +0
  • I like a woman in uniform. +2   
  • It’s an amazing goal. +3

Rank 5 – Harisen Recovery

This is only available for Persona 5 Royal.

“Since then, he’s the only thing she’ll talk about. She even sent me a picture of their date at Destinyland.”

  • Are you jealous of them? +0     
  • That’s annoying. +2          
  • He sounds suspicious. +3

“This time, um… you’ll have to play the role of my boyfriend.”

  • I got this. +3
  • Why do I have to do it? +0         
  • Only if I can take it seriously. +2


  • Fist! Of! Justice! +0           
  • Report him to the police. +0      
  • Try to reach out to her. +2

Rank 6 – Harisen Recovery

Max Charm is required`. This is not available for Persona 5 Royal.

Tsukasa: “Are you seriously datin’?”

  • We just started. +2           
  • We’re fighting right now. +0     
  • Love comes in many forms. +3

“I-I, um…”

  • Don’t be so pushy. +0      
  • Back off. +0
  • Here, have my number instead. +0

“Am I just… getting in the way of their happiness?”

  • No, you’re being considerate. +0         
  • You worry too much. +0 
  • Probably a little. +0


  • Tell him you’re on a date. +2     
  • You’re allowed to ignore him. +0         
  • Fire the same thing back. +0

Rank 7 – Shadow Factorization

“His days and nights are reversed due to his work, so he often sends me a ‘good morning’ late at night…”

  • Do you think he likes you? +0   
  • Does Eiko know about this? +0 

“Was I just biased to think that all he wants from Eiko is her money?”

  • Probably a little. +0          
  • You watch too many soap operas. +0 
  • He’s definitely suspicious. +0

“They suspected that the gang he was investigating hired the driver…”         

  • Who was their leader? +0          
  • What gang was it? +0      

“I’m not sure any of that would have happened if not for the incident with my father…”

  • That’s a horrible story. +3          
  • Was it tough without him?? +2
  • He was a noble man. +3

“That was how my father chose to live his life… Trying to bring justice and order to the world around him.”

  • That’s admirable. +3        
  • I’m sure he was happy. +3         

“And more importantly, how do I want to live…?”

  • Do you have an answer? +2      
  • You can figure that out now. +2           

“U serious abt <protagonist>-kun?”

“Wanna have a double wedding?”

  • I’m game if you are. +2   
  • What are you going to say? +0 
  • Refuse her, please. +2


  • Of course.. +2        
  • I guess so. +0          
  • It’s the role I always hoped for. +2

Rank 8 – Endure

“So he calls you his special princess… What do you think, <protagonist>-kun?”

  • He says that to all his girls. +2    
  • That’s how he ropes you in. +2 
  • I’m not sure. +0

“She needs to realize that. You’re going to help, right?”

  • Absolutely. +3        
  • What are we going to do? +2    
  • Eh, she deserves him. +2

Rank 9 – Protect

“I dare you!”

  • Get away from her! +3    
  • Your fight’s with me. +3  
  • I’m calling the cops. +3

“People noticed what happened…”

  • We should get out of here. +2  
  • Follow me. +2        

“I can’t believe I actually hit one of my friends…”

  • It looked like it hurt. +0   
  • That was the right move. +2      
  • You really smacked her. +0

“How did you ever find somewhere like this…? You know so much.”

  • I’m a regular here. +3      
  • It’s a popular meeting spot. +3 
  • Not as much as you. +2

“I can’t learn about romance by myself…”

  • You’ll find someone someday. +3 (END)
  • I’ll be your study partner. +0 (ROMANCE)    

“Do you… like me?”

  • I do. +3 (ROMANCE)        
  • That’s not what I meant. +0       


  • I’d do anything for you. +2        
  • Were you scared? +0       
  • No big deal. +2

Rank 10 – Second Awakening

Follow the Romance options for this rank

“I think she knew it deep within her heart, and seeing him like that finally helped her realize.”

  • That’s incredible. +2         
  • Your slap worked wonders. +0 
  • I’m so relieved. +0

“I plan on doing the same as well.”

  • Are you stressing over exams? +2        
  • Back to studying? +0        
  • For your sister? +0

“My dream… is to become a police commissioner. That is why I need to study.”

  • Police commissioner? +0
  • That sounds difficult. +2 
  • Why did you choose that? +0

“Instead, I want to head an organization that will destroy the lawless and help rescue victims.”

  • What an admirable goal. +3      
  • That’s an amazing dream. +2    
  • Your father would be proud. +3

“*giggle* What a funny thought… Studying to become a head of police while working as a thief…”

  • Haha, yea. +0         
  • It’s not funny at all. +0    
  • Just be careful, OK? +2


  • What’s wrong? +0
  • Do you want to study? +0

Gifts for Makoto to improve the relationship

Designer Perfume+3 boost to your relationship with Makoto, plus unique dialogue. Get it from the Underground Mall.
Motorbike FigureOf course Makoto likes this – it gives a +3 boon to your Makoto confidant relationship. You can buy it from Akihabara.
Fountain PenWorth +3 points in Persona 5, and +2 points in Persona 5 Royal. Grab it from the Underground Mall.
Heart Ring / NecklaceGives a +3 bonus to the Makoto confidant relationship, but you can only hand it over if you’re romantically involved.

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