Persona 5 Infiltration Tools Crafting Guide

Our Persona 5 Infiltration Tools crafting guide will help players with the requirements for crafting of all the tools available in the game.

A thief is not complete without infiltration tools and that is exactly why P5 offers players the opportunity to craft a wide variety of infiltration tools. These tools can be used in battle for numerous benefits or when simply exploring in the game world.

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Persona 5 Infiltration Tools Crafting

As mentioned earlier, these tools can provide a number of benefits and allow players to perform a variety of actions.

Crafting every tool in the game also results in unlocking a Trophy if players are interesting in those.

In order to craft tools, players need to talk to Morgana at night and then craft the tools from the workbench in their room. Some of the tools require players to have unlocked the Ace Tools skill before they can be crafted.


Similarly, in order to craft the tools from home, players can level up Temperance Confidant.

Below is a list of all the Infiltration Tools in P5 and their crafting requirements. These items can be purchased from shops around the world:

  • Vanish Ball: requires one Thick Parchment and one Plant Balm
  • Spotlight: two Thick Parchment, 2 Cork Bark and one Silk Yarn
  • Limelight: four Condenser Lens, two Aluminum Sheet, four Tanned Leather
  • Megido Bomb: four Tanned Leather, 3 Red Phosphorus, 2 Liquid Mercury
  • Element Set: three Tin Clasp, 3 Iron stands, 3 Cork Bark
  • Forces Set: 3 Silk Yarn, 3 Iron Sand, 3 Condenser Lens
  • Lockpick: one Silk Yarn, 1 Tin Clasp
  • Eternal Lockpick: 20 Aluminum Sheet, 10 Liquid Mercury
  • Steathanol: 2 Plant Balm
  • Convertizer: 2 Plant Balm, 2 Cork Bark
  • Goho-M: 1 Silk Yarn, 1 Plant Balm
  • Smokescreen: 2 Thick Parchment, 2 Plant Balm
  • Hypno Mist: one Plant Balm, 3 Silk Yarn, 3 Iron Sand
  • Reserve Ammo: 10 Iron sand, 10 Aluminum Sheet, 10 Red Phosphorus
  • Treasure Trap: 2 Silk Yarn, 3 Plant Balm, 1 Cork Bark

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