Persona 4 Golden Fox Social Link Choices Guide

In Persona 4 Golden, Fox is a Hermit Arcana social link you need to rank up for fusing powerful Personas in the game. Not just Personas...

In Persona 4 Golden, Fox is a Hermit Arcana social link you need to rank up for fusing powerful Personas in the game. Not just Personas Fusion, Fox will also help you in Dungeons Crawl in Persona 4 Golden. This social link with the fox, an animal and not some pretty young high school girl, is way different from others as you won’t get to interact with the Fox much to increase the bond level.

This social link requires you to complete different quests. As you do these quests, your social link ranks up.

Who is Fox

The Fox in Persona 4 Golden aims to help you and your teammates go through challenging circumstances in the Dungeon. However, things here are not as simple as they appear. Though Fox is a friendly animal and will be helping you soon, it will do all this only if you rank up the social rank Hermit.

Unlike all other social links, you first need to see the fox in the shrine. After it, you need to complete different quests. Fox has a soft heart and wants the people of Inaba to come out of poverty; therefore, the tasks she will assign you will be mainly to help Inaba’s people. These tasks help fulfill people’s wishes left on Ema tags in the Shrine.

As you complete the quests, your social link rank will increase, and eventually, she will reward you for all your hard work by appearing in dungeons wherever you need it. Trust me; it’s going to be a great help.

Fox social link in P4G doesn’t require you to do any specific chore. It will start automatically on 5/5 as you see Fox in the North Shopping district at Shrine. From here onwards, you are required to complete different tasks in Inaba that are on the Ema tags.

As you unlock the social rank and rank it up by doing different quests, it will cost you less to call Fox for your help in the Dungeon. Initially, at the beginning of the social link, you have to spend ¥60 per SP, but as you rank up the Hermit social link, this price will decrease and reach ¥15 per SP.

Below, we have explained everything you need to know about ranking up the Fox Social link. Let’s get started.

Rank 1

This is an introductory level, where you will learn about the social link, specifically the Ema tags. Here you” ll be briefed about how Fox wants you to help Inaba people by fulfilling their wishes mentioned on the Ema tags.

Rank 2

Quest Title: I Wish For Love

To rank from level 2 to 3, you must work on wish no seven, “I wish for love.” The wish is made by a schoolgirl who studies at Yasugami high. You will need to have a conversation with her on the first floor.

You will see her putting something in your shoe lock but ignore it for some time. The next day, revisit her and say, “I read that.” After this, you must meet her again the following day and then go to Fox to rank up.

Rank 3

Quest Title: I Wish I Didn’t Crave Snacks.

This is the 8th wish made by a lady in South Shopping District. You need to find a Meat Gum item for this one and give it to the lady. You can get this from Chie on the school’s roof. Once you get this, go to the lady and give this to her. Now return to fox and rank up your social link in Persona 4 Golden.

Rank 4

Quest Title: We Wish Our Dog Would Return

Once you have got the Ema tag from the Fox, you need to find a dog to complete this one. Once you have found the dog, you will need to visit it daily until you can make him feed something. After getting the option feed dog the Beef Skewer. Now you can get back to fox to rank up the social link.

Rank 5

Quest Title: I Wish I Had Friends

This is the 10th wish a boy who lives in the flood plains makes. After receiving the Ema, go to the floodplains and speak to the boy. As you approach the boy, he will doubt you will ask for the money. Say, “I don’t need your money,” when prompted in P4G.

The little boy wants a Prize Sticker item you can get by purchasing the Sunday morning shopping TV channel. Get that sticker and give it to the boy. But this is not it.

After this, the boy will ask you for the kid’s sticker. Go to Nanako in your house, grab the stickers, and give it to the little boy. Then you need to speak to this boy again the next day, and finally, you can go to the Fox to rank it up.

Rank 6

Quest Title: I Wish My Life Had Meaning Again.

This is wish 11, made by a man in the Shopping District North in P4G. For this, head to the Shopping District, speak to the man struggling with some model, and ask the man, “Want me to make it?”.

After this, complete the model, which will require at least four sessions, and give it to the man. After this, you can head the Fox and rank the social link up.

Rank 7

Quest Title: I Wish I Was Better at Speaking.

This is a wish made by a Yasugami high school student. To finish this 12th wish, you need to head to the school’s roof. Here you need to talk to a girl but for that you will need a high Understanding stat level.

Keep interacting with her on different days, and when prompted, ask her, “Do you need help speaking?” She will remain silent, so just to be in good books, offer her free lessons. Then, meet her the next day and speak again. Once all of this is done, go to the Fox and get the rank up.

Rank 8

Quest Title: I Wish I Didn’t Fear Cats.

This is the 13th wish, made by a man who lives in the Samegawa Flood Plain. This man fears cats, and you must help him with his fear. You first need to get a cat at your doorstep, but this requires you to complete another quest: “Please Feed the Cat.”

Therefore, go to the bookstore; a man there will give you this quest. Go fishing, catch fish, and feed this to the cat in the Flood plain in Persona 4 Golden.

After this, bring the cat to your house and go to the man at Samegawa Flood Plain. He will take you fishing, catch some fish and give that to the man. Keep speaking with him on different days and then go to the Fox to rank the s-link up.

Rank 9

Quest Title: I Wish My Wallet Would Return.

This is the 14th wish. After getting the Ema tag from the Fox, go to the Samegawa Flood Plain. This wish is made by a woman there who has lost her wallet. Look for her wallet in the flood plains, and you will soon find a Round Wallet. Go to the woman and give that to her, but she will say it’s not her.

Then go to North Shopping District, and search for the wallet near the shrine. As soon as you get the Square Wallet item, give that to her and go to the Fox.

Rank 10

Quest Title: The Shichiri Beach Guardian

This wish is made by an old man, and fulfilling it is a little complex as it will get you to the maximum s-ranking. You can find the old man at the river bank in Persona 4 Golden. After having a conversation with the old man ride scooter six times at the beach.

Once you have accessed the beach, take the old man there and ask him about the Riven Guardian. Now its time to catch it using he Inaba Jewel Bug. You need to hold these bugs in hand at night to catch the Riven Guardian. Try to catch it on rainy days, as it’s much easier.

Once you have catch the Riven Guardian take it to the Old Man and get the River Rod as a reward. After this catch, you need to catch Genji Beetle Bait, just like Gaurdian. Bring it to the old man and then go to the Fox, and you will get your social link maximized in Persona 4 Golden.

Once you have ranked up the social link, you can call Fox for help anytime as you are in the Dungeon. Fox will heal you and your teammates, and you won’t need to come out of the Dungeon, making it quite convenient.

Also reaching rank 10, you can fuse the persona of Ongyo-ki.