Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide

The process of fusion allows you to create new personas in Persona 4 Golden and this guide will explain how the whole thing works.

Wondering how Fusion works in Persona 4 Golden? Worry not because we’re all in the same boat. While playing Persona 4, you will realize that simply relying upon your existing Personas will not be enough. So similar to many other JRPG games, you’ll be required to mix and mash up, or as known in the game, “fuse” your personas. This will allow you to stand a better chance in the increasingly tricky dungeons of the game.

So, worry no more since this Persona 4 Golden fusion guide will cover all there is to know about Fusion in the game. Without further ado, let’s take a deeper dive into the process and explore all of fusion mechanics that’ll allow us to get a hold of powerful Personas.

What is Fusion?

When playing Persona 4 Golden, one of the main aspects of the game that you’ll become well acquainted with are the Personas. At the start of P4 Golden, your character will be able to hold up to 6 personas simultaneously, which can eventually be increased to double the amount by the end.

On the other hand, your party members do not possess the ability to equip personas of their own. Though, if you decide to increase their social ranks to the highest, it will allow you to get a hold of a much more potent form of the existing Personas.

Without a doubt, the selection of different Personas will allow you to create a diverse selection that’ll help players out in any situation. However, the usefulness of a Persona is only temporary, meaning that as you progress in the game, you’ll have to replace your existing Persona with newer ones constantly. So remember, using a lower level Persona at a higher level area will only make things more complicated for you.

But if you’re wondering how to get your hands on newer Personas in Perrsona 4, it is through the process of fusion.

How does fusion works in Persona 4 Golden?

Persona fusion is a mechanic that is unlocked early on in the game. It can be accessed through Igor in the Velvet Room. Here, you can combine two or more Personas of your liking to create a more powerful Persona of a higher level that will carry newer traits and specific traits from the parent Personas.

It is best to explore when it comes to Persona 4 Golden fusion since some of the most potent Personas from each Arcana can only be acquired through Fusion. However, when it comes to collecting the base Personas, this can be done by engaging in Shuffle Time after battles.

Another thing to be noted is that if you want to fuse a Persona in P4 Goldenn but also want to keep it, you get it again from Margaret’s Persona Compendium. However, before you can re-summon your Persona, you’ll be required to pay a small price.

At the start of the game, players can only fuse two or three Personas, also known as Normal and Triangle fusions, respectively. Many online Persona 4 Fusion calculators are available on the internet to help you do Fusion in Persona 4 Golden. However, as you progress further in the game, you’ll unlock the ability to fuse 4, 5, or 6 Personas. These fusions are known as Square, Pentagonal, and Hexagonal, respectively.

Persona 4 Fusion table

Below we have given a table explaining the various personas you can acquire through fusion, the levels required for each persona and their fusion recipes in Persona 4. These are just some of the possible recipes for persona fusion and for a full exhaustive list of all the personas you can create, we would recommend trying out a Persona 4 Fusion calculator.

1FoolIzanagiFool Yomotsu-shikome x Fool Obariyon
2MagicianPixieMagician Orobas x Magician Jack Frost
2ChariotSlimeChariot Nata Taishi x Chariot Eligor
3DevilUkobachDevil Lilim x Devil Vetala
4JusticeAngelMagician Pixie x Strength Sandman
4TemperanceApsarasMagician Pixie x Fool Izanagi; Magician Pixie x Chariot Slime
5StrengthSandmanMagician Pixie x Justice Angel
6ChariotNata TaishiChariot Eligor x Chariot Slime
6HermitForneusChariot Slime x Death Ghoul
7HierophantOmoikaneFool Izanagi x Temperance Apsaras
7FoolYomotsu-shikomeFool Izanagi x Fool Obariyon
8StrengthValkyrieChariot Slime x Sun Cu Sith
8MagicianOrobasFool Izanagi x Strength Sandman; Chariot Slime x Temperance Apsaras
9EmpressSenriEmpress Titania x Empress Yaksini; Magician Orobas x Hermit Forneus
9DeathGhoulHierophant Omoikane x Empress Senri
10DevilLilimFool Izanagi x Sun Cu Sith
10SunCu SithFool Izanagi x Chariot Slime; Priestess Saki Mitama Hierophant Omoikane
11PriestessSaki MitamaPriestess Sarasvati x Priestess High Pixie; Empress Senri x Devil Ukobach
11TemperanceSylphMagician Pixie x Chariot Nata Taishi; Fool Izanagi x Magician Jack Frost
11JusticeArchangelChariot Slime x Empress Senri; Magician Pixie x Strength Titan; Fool Izanagi x Magician Pixie x Chariot Slime
12ChariotEligorMagician Pixie x Sun Cu Sith; Fool Izanagi x Magician Pixie x Strength Sandman
12EmperorOberonStrenght Sandman x Magician Pixie x Chariot Slime
13FoolObariyonChariot Slime x Strenght Sandman x Death Ghoul
14DeathMokoiTemperance Sylph x Hangedman Berith
14StrengthTitanChariot Nata Taishi x Sun Cu Sith
15HierophantAnzuTemperance Sylph x Fool Yomotsu-shikome
15HangedmanBerithDeath Ghoul x Strength Valkyrie
16MagicianJack FrostHierophant Omoikane x Temperance Sylph; Chariot Eligor x Strength Titan
16TemperanceXiezhaiDevil Lilim x Fool Obariyon
17HermitIppon-dataraDevil Ukobach x Temperance Sylph; Death Ghoul x Fool Obariyon
17PriestessSarasvatiJustice Archangel x Hangedman Berith
18ChariotAra MitamaFool Obariyon x Hierophant Anzu
18EmpressYaksiniDeath Ghoul x Sun Cu Sith
19JusticePrincipalityHierophant Anzu x Hermit Ippon-datara; Moon Andra x Strength Sandman
19DevilVetalaFool Obariyon x Sun Cu Sith
20MoonAndraFool Izanagi x Empress Senri Chariot Slime x Justice Angel x Chariot Nata Taishi; Devil Lilim x Chariot Eligor
20SunPhoenixDeath Ghoul x Hermit Ippon-datara
21HierophantShiisaPriestess Saki Mitama X Temperance Nigi Mitama
21FoolLegionFool Obariyon x Fool Ose
22EmperorKing FrostDevil Lilim x Hierophant Anzu
22PriestessHigh PixieJustice Angel x Magican Pixie x Fortune Fortuna; Hangedman Berith x Death Matador Moon Andras x Hangedman Berith
22HangedmanYomotsu-ikusaStrength Valkyrie x Death Matador
23StrengthRakshasaFool Obariyon x Hermit Ippon-datara; Justice Principality x Magician Jack Frost
23TemperanceNigi MitamaStrength Titan x Justice Principality
24DeathMatadorHierophant Anzu x Hangedman Berith; Pristess Saki Mitama x Fool Legion; Priestess Saki Mitama x Fool Ose; Priestess Ganga x Fool Obariyon
24StarKaiwanDevil Lilim x Death Ghoul
25LoversQueen MabFool Izanagi x Chariot Slime x Empress Senri; Tower Tao Tie x Death Ghoul; Devil Incubus x Hanged Makami x Hierophant Omoikane
25ChariotAresEmpress Yaksini x Death Matador; Sun Phoenix x Magician Jack Frost
25MagicianHua PoChariot Eligor x Temperance Nigi Mitama; Moon Andra x Emperor Oberon
26HermitLamiaChariot Eligor x Death Matador
26EmpressTitaniaDeath Mokoi x Sun Gdon; Hangedman Makami x Emperor King Frost
27JusticePowerHierophant Shiisa x Hermit Lamia
27MoonNozuchiEmperor King Frost x Empress Yaksini
27HangedmanMakamiTemperance Apsaras x Moon Alraune
28StrengthKusi MitamaSun Cu Sith x Moon Alraune; Emperor King Frost x Magician Hua Po
28DevilIncubusEmpress Yaksini x Temperance Nigi Mitama
29PriestessGangaDeath Ghoul x Moon Alraune
29HierophantUnicornChariot Eligor x Star Fuu-ki; Strength Oni x Hangedman Yomotsu-ikusa; Priestess Ganga x Temperance Nigi Mitama; Temperance Xiezhai x Lovers Undine
30StrengthOniHangedman Makami x Fool Ose
31TemperanceMithraJustice Power x Strength Oni; Magician Hua Po x Chariot Ares
31FoolOseEmperor King Frost x Priestess High Pixie x Strength Rakshasa; Fool Decarabia x Fool Shiki-ouji
31SunGdonChariot Nata Taishi x Moon Alraune; Death Matador x Hermit Lamia
32MagicianPyro JackChariot Ares x Temperance Mithra
32StarNeko ShogunChariot Ara Mitama x Kusi Mitama x Saki Mitama x Nigi Mitama
33HermitMothmanDeath Ghoul x Fool Decarabia
33LoversUndineTower Tao Tie x Death Matador; Moon Andra x Fortune Fortuna
33JusticeVirtueHierophant Unicorn x Hermit Lamia
34EmperorSetantaFool Obariyon x Moon Alraune; Star Garuda x Strength Sandman
34EmpressGorgonHierophant Shiisa x Moon Alraune; Fool Ose x Empress Gorgon
34MoonYamatano-orochiEmpress Yaksini x Fool Decarabia
35FortuneFortunaFool Izanagi x Magician Pixie x Chariot Slime;Fool Izanagi x Strength Sandman x Chariot Slime
35TowerTao TieTemperance Sylph x Strength Kusi Mitama x Strength OniTemperance Sylph x Strength Kusi Mitama x Hermit MothmanTemperance Sylph x Magician Orobas x Sun Phoenix _ Chariot Nata Taishi x Temperance Sylph x Strength Oni
36DeathSamaelPriestess Saki Mitama x Fool Shiki-ouji; Fool Legion x Emperor Setanta
36HierophantFlaurosStar Fuu-ki x Chariot Ara Mitama; Temperance Sylph x Fool Shiki-ouji
37DevilPazuzuHangedman Makami x Sun Gdon
37PriestessParvatiDeath Matador x Moon Alraune; Moon Andra x Hanged Yatsufasa
38FoolBlack FrostMagician Pyro Jack x Magician Jack Frost x Emperor King Frost x Magician Pixie x Death Ghoul
38JusticeDominionDeath Samael x Temperance Genbu x Hierophant Shiisa; Priestess Parvati x Moon Yamata-no-Orochi
39HangedmanOrthrusTemperance Nigi Mitama Moon Alraune; Moon Andra x Temperance Genbu
39MagicianDisJustice Archangel x Fool Shiki-ouji; Hermit Lamia x Lovers Leanan; Magician Pyro Jack x Sun Gdon x Priestess Parvati
40TemperanceGenbuSun Yatagarasu x Hermit Mothman; Devil Lilim x Fool Shiki-ouji
40SunYatagarasuChariot Eligor x Fool Shiki-ouji; Fool Black Frost x Chariot Ares; Hangedman Othrus x Magician Dis
41MoonAlrauneEmpress Gorgon x Fool Black Frost
41HermitHitokotonushiDeath Matador x Fool Shiki-ouji
41EmperorOkuninushiPriestess Ganga x Star Fuu-ki; Moon Alraune x Fool Ose; Lovers Cybele x Strength Titan
42StrengthHanumanHermit Lamia x Fool Shiki-ouji; Moon Yamata-no-Orochi x Sun Gdon; Moon Andra x Justice Uriel; Moon Andra x Sun Tam Lin
42LoversLeanan SidheDeath Samael x Star Neko Shougun; Tower Cu Chulain x Justice Virtue; Emperor Setanta x Fortune Clotho; Judgement Anubis x Emperor Oberon
43StarFuu-kiMagician Jack Frost x Moon Alraune; Moon Alraune x Magician Dis; Priesstess Parvati x Moon Yamatano-Orochi; Moon Andra x Priestess Hariti
43ChariotTriglavHierophant Shiisa x Fool Shiki-ouji; Empress Titania x Star Fuu-ki; Hiero Unicorn x Fool Ose; Sun Gdon x Magician Pyro Jack
44DevilSuccubusSun Gdon x Fool Decarabia
44FortuneClothoHangedman Yatsufusa x Empress Gorgon x Justice Virtue; Magician Dis x Moon Alraune x Temperance Mithra
44EmpressGabrielFool Ose x Star Fuu-ki
45HierophantHokuto SeikunChariot Triglav x Lovers Leanan Sidhe; Temperance Nigi Mitama x Shiki-ouji
45EmperorThothMoon Alraune x Fool Decarabia; Devil Pazuzu x Priestess Parvati x Hermit Hitokoto-Nushi
46DeathMotPriestess Sarasvati x Fool Shiki-ouji
46FoolDecarabiaEmperor Thoth x Star Neko Shougun x Fool Black Frost; Star Neko Shougun x Devil Pazuzu x Hangedman Yomotsu-Ikusa; Sun Yatagarasu x Sun Gdon x Empress Gorgon
46TowerCu ChulainStar Neko Shougun x Temperance Mithra x Fool Black Frost; Priestess Parvati x Temperance Mithra x Fool Black Frost;
47MagicianRangdaHierophant Flauros x Temperance Seiryuu; Hangedman Yatsufusa x Empress Gorgon x Emperor Setanta; Devil Succubus x Justice Dominion
47SunNarasimhaMoon Alraune x Chariot Triglav; Moon Girimehkala X Chariot Triglav
47TemperanceSeiryuuHangedman Yatsufusa x Empress Gorgon; Strenght Hanuman x Sun Narasimha
48PriestessKikuri-himeEmpress Gorgon x Sun Yatagarasu
48HermitKurama TenguSun Yatagarasu x Temperance Seiryuu; Tower Cu Chulain x Hangedman Yatsufusa
48MoonGirimehkalaHangedman Yatsufusa x Lovers Undine; Emperor Setanta x Devil Lilith
49HangedmanYatsufusaEmperor Thoth x Hangedman Orthrus x Hangedman Makami x Sun Narasimha x Hermit Mothman
49JusticeThroneStar Ganesha x Hermit Mothman; Hangedman Yatsufusa x Empress Gorgon x Temperance Mithra
50StarGaneshaFool Decarabia x Tower Cu Chulain; Hangedman Yatsufusa x Temperance Mithra x Fool Black Frost
50StrengthKaliHangedman Yatsufusa x Fool Black Frost; Empress Skadi x Emperor Setanta x Emperor Okuninushi; Tower Cu Chulain x Empress Gorgon x Hangedman Yatsufusa;
51EmperorPabilsagMoon Alraune x Fool Shiki-ouji
51FortuneLachesisHangedman Yatsufusa x Fool Black Frost x Justice Virtue; Justice Dominion x Hangedman Taowu x Fool Ose
52HierophantCerberusStar Ganesha x Temperance Seiryuu; Tower Cu Chulain x Lovers Undine x Fool Decarabia
52EmpressSkadiStar Fuu-ki x Fool Decarabia
53DevilLilithHangedman Yatsufusa x Sun Yatagarasu; Emperor Okuninushi x Justice Throne
53SunTam LinSun Gdon x Sun Phoenix x Sun Narasimha x Sun Yatagarasu
53LoversRaphaelTower Cu Chulain x Justice Dominion; Justice Dominion x Fortune Lachesis; Justice Dominion x Sun Yatagarasu x Priestess Parvati
54ChariotKin-kiTower Cu Chulain x Sun Yatagarasu; Hangedman Yatsufusa x Empress Gorgon x Sun Yatagarasu
54TemperanceSuzakuMagician Dis x Fool Shiki-ouji; Judgement Anubis x Temperance Seiryuu x Justice Dominion; Devil Succubus x Fool Shiki-ouji
55HermitNidhoggrJudgement Anubis x Justice Dominion x Star Ganesha
55TowerAbaddonHanged Yatsufusa x Fortune Lachesis x Empress Gorgon;Tower Mara x Tower Masakado
56HangedmanTaowuTower Cu Chulain x Star Neko Shougun; Hangedman Yatsufusa x Empress Gorgon x Lovers Queen Mab; Moon Grimehkala x Lovers Leanan Sidhe; Judgement Anubis x Fortune Fortuna
56FoolShiki-oujiFool Black Frost x Magican Dis x Death White Rider; Empress Gorgon x Death White Rider x Moon Sui-ki
57StarGarudaTower Mara x Emperor Okuninushi; Devil Succubus x Death White Rider; Judgement Trumpeter x Hermit Mothman; Judgement Anubis x Fool Shiki-ouji x Lovers Queen Mab
57MoonSui-kiHangedman Hell Biker x Lovers Undine
58JusticeUrielPriestess Hariti x Strength Hanuman; Hangedman Hell Biker x Justice Dominion x Sun Yatagarasu
58DeathWhite RiderHangedman Hell Biker x Temperance Seiryuu; Empress Isis x Chariot Ares; Tower Cu Chulain x Star Ganesha x Hangedman Yatsufusa; Lovers Leanan Sidhe x Hierophant Cerberus
58FortuneAnantaFortune Fortuna x Hangedman Hell Biker x Fool Shiki-ouji
59PriestessHaritiHangedman Hell Biker x Justice Dominion
59JudgementAnubisSun Cu Sith x Tower Tao Tie x Justice AngelStrength Sandman x Tower Tao Tie x Sun Cu SithJustice Archangel x Strength Valkyrie x Temperance ApsarasHierophant Anzu x Strength Titan x Justice PrincipalityStar Neko Shogun x Fool Shiki-ouji x Hanged YatsufusaChariot Slime x Temperance Apsaras x Priestess Sarasvati
60HierophantDaisoujouLovers Raphael x Chariot Kin-ki; Hangedman Hell Biker x Star Ganesha x Moon Yamatano-orochi
60EmpressMother HarlotHangedman Hell Biker x Star Ganesha; Judgement Anubis x Hanged Yatsufasa
61SunJatayuHierophant Cerberus x Priestess Kikuri-hime; Judgement Anubis x Priestess Hariti; Tower Cu Chulain x Hangedman Yatsufusa x Fool Decarabia
61DevilBelphegorLovers Raphael x Sun Jatayu; Hangedman Hell Biker x Sun Yatagarasu
62TemperanceByakkoHangedman Hell Biker x Empress Skadi; Temperance Genbu x Temperance Suzaku x Temperance Seiryuu
62TowerMaraFool Shiki-ouji x Temperance Seiryuu x Star Ganesha; Throne + Jatayu + White Rider ; Kin-Ki + Cerberus + Lilith
62MagicianJinnJustice Dominion x Fool Shiki-ouji; Hangedman Hell Biker x Justice Dominion x Star Ganesha
63StrengthSiegfriedHangedman Hell Biker x Fool Shiki-ouji; Empress Skadi x Fool Shiki-ouji x Tower Abaddon; Fool Shiki-ouji x Hermit Nebiros; Fool Shiki-ouji x Hanged Taowu
63HermitNebirosStrength Siegfried x Devil Belphegor; Tower Mara x Empress Mother Harlot; Judgement Trumpeter x Empress Gabriel x Fool Shiki-ouji
64FoolLokiFool Decarabia x Hermit Niddhoggr x Empress Mother Harlot; Lovers Ishtar x Empress Isis x Sun Horus; Lovers Ishtar x Fool Shiki-ouji x Hangedman Vasuki; Judgement Trumpeter x Fool Black Frost x Temperance Byakko
64LoversCybeleJudgement Trumpeter x Justice Throne; Death White Rider x Star Ganesha; Judgement Anubis x Justice Uriel
65EmperorBarongDevil Belphegor x Fortune Lachesis; Judgement Trumpeter x Justice Throne x Tower Tao Tie; Tower Mara x Devil Belial
65ChariotThorSun Jatayu x Emperor Barong; Hangedman Taowu x Hangedman Hell Biker x Death Samael
65FortuneAtroposLovers Ishtar x Hierophant Hachiman x Star Helel; Death White Rider x Judgement Anubis x Hermit Nidhoggr
66HangedmanHell BikerJudgement Anubis x Fool Shiki-ouji
66JusticeMelchizedekStar Kartikeya x Hermit Nidhoggr; Fool Shiki-ouji x Hangedman Hell Biker x Sun Yatagarasu
67JudgementTrumpeterDeath Matador x Death White Rider x Hierophant Daisoujou x Emperor Pabilsag x Hangedman Taowu x Tower Tao Tie
67StarKartikeyaJudgement Anubis x Hermit Nidhoggr; Judgement Anubis x Fool Shiki-ouji x Star Ganesha
68MoonSethDevil Belphegor x Chariot Kin-ki
68SunHorusHierophant Hachiman x Chariot Thor; Fool Shiki-ouji x Hangedman Hell Biker x Star Ganesha
68DevilBelialSun Horus x Hangedman Hell Biker
69MagicianSurtEmperor Barong x Moon Seth
69TowerMasakadoJudgement Trumpeter x Sun Jatayu x Tower Cu Chulain; Fortune Ananta x Tower Cu Chulain x Emperor Odin; Fool Shiki-Ouji x Sun Jatayu x Death White Rider
69TemperanceYurlungurHermit Arahabaki x Sun Tam Lin; Moon Sui-ki x Empress Isis; Fool Shiki-Ouji x Empress Mother Harlot x Hermit Nebiros; Empress Alilat x Hanged Taowu
70PriestessTzitzimitlJudgement Trumpeter x Empress Skadi; Tower Cu Chulain x Moon Sandalphon
70EmpressAlilatJudgement Trumpeter x Hangedman Vasuki; Hermit Arahabaki x Fortune Lachesis; Death White Rider x Hangedman Taowu x Hierophant Daisoujou
70HierophantHachimanDeath White Rider x Hangedman Taowu x Judgement Anubis; Judgement Michael x Emperor Oukuninushi x Chariot Atavaka
71LoversIshtarJustice Uriel x Judgement Michael; Judgement Anubis x Devil Belial x Priestess Hariti(Lovers Raphael); Judgement Trumpeter x Judgement Anubis x Star Kartikeya (Hermit Nebiros); Judgement Anubis x Justice Sraosha
71HangedmanVasukiHierophant Hachiman x Tower Mara
72FortuneNornFortune Clotho x Fortune Lachesis x Fortune Atropos
72DeathAliceHermit Nebiros x Devil Belial
72ChariotAtavakaTower Cu Chulain x Sun Asura; Sun Horus x Tower Mara
72JudgementMichaelJustice Uriel x Hermit Nidhoggr x Death White Rider; Sun Horus x Hierophant Hachiman x Tower Cu Chulain
73HermitArahabakiEmperor Barong x Hermit Nidhoggr x Justice Melchizedek
73TemperanceVishnuHangedman Attis x Empress Isis; Sun Sparna x Hermit Nebiros; Chariot Futsunushi x Judgement Satan
74JusticeSraoshaHangedman Vasuki x Devil Belial; Magician Mada x Empress Isis; Lovers Ishtar x Emperor Odin
74EmperorOdinMoon Sandalphon x Star Helel; Fool Loki x Temperance Vishnu x Star Kartikeya (Temperance Byakko)
75TowerYoshitsuneHierophant Hachiman x Tower Masakado x Emperor Okuninushi x Hermit Hitokotonushi x Fool Shiki-ouji
75StarSaturnusMagician Surt x Moon Seth; Judgement Trumpeter x Hangedman Hell Biker x Judgement Anubis
76HierophantKohryuuTemperance Byakko x Temperance Suzaku x Temperance Seiryuu x Temperance Genbu
76JudgementSatanHierophant Kohryu x Chariot Thor x Strength Siegfried; Judgement Michael x Tower Yoshitsune x Chariot Thor; Judgement Anubis x Judgement Trumpeter x Judgement Michael
77MoonBaal ZebulHell Biker x Ishtar; Empress Isis x Emperor Odin; Empress Isis x Magician Mada x Priestess Parvati
77SunSparnaPriestess Hariti x Tower Mara x Moon Baal Zebul; Hierophant Kohryu x Strength Siegfried (or Chariot Thor)
78MagicianMadaSun Horus x Devil Belphegor x Justice Melchizedek;Temperance Yurlungur x Chariot Atavaka; Empress Alilat x Hermit Arahabaki
78DeathMahakalaDeath Matador x Hierophant Daisoujou x Empress Mother Harlot x Death White Rider x Judgement Trumpeter x Hangedman Hell Biker
79EmpressIsisSun Asura x Hangedman Yatsufusa x Hangedman Vasuki; Sun Sparna x Tower Mara x Hierophant Hachiman (or Daishojo); Death Alice x Judgement Trumpeter x Priestess Hariti
79PriestessScathachEmperor Odin x Hermit Arahabaki ; Empress Isis x Sun Suparna; Priestess Tzitzimitl x Hanged Hell Biker Moon Seth
80ChariotFutsunushiChariot Atavaka x Chariot Triglav x Chariot Kin-ki x Chariot Ares x Star Neko Shougun
80TowerShivaMagician Rangda x Emperor Barong
81DevilBeelzebubDevil Belial x Devil Belphegor x Moon Baal Zebul x Moon Seth x Death Mot x Devil Pazuzu
82HangedmanAttisStar Helel x Tower Masakado; Justice Uriel x Sun Sparna x Moon Baal Zebul
82HermitOngyo-kiChariot Kin-ki x Moon Sui-ki x Star Fuu-ki x Strength Oni
83JudgementMetatronTower Yoshi(t)sune x Fortune Norn(Judgement Satan) x Magician Surt(Justice Sraosha); Tower Shiva x Death Mahakala x Tower Yoshi(t)sune; Judgement Anubis(Judgement Trumpeter) x Judgement Michael x Judgement Satan
84MoonSandalphonStar Helel x Justice Sraosha
86SunAsuraMagician Mada x Hangedman Attis; Lovers Ishtar x Empress Isis x Moon Baal Zebul; Priestess Scathach x Judgement Satan; Justice Sraosha x Hierophant Hachiman x Magician Mada
87StarHelelMagician Mada x Moon Baal Zebul; Hierophant Kohryuu x Chariot Atavaka x Tower Masakado; Fool Loki x Hangedman Vasuki x Hangedman Attis; Empress Isis x Fortune Norn; Tower Yoshitsune x Magican Surt x Justice Sraosha
90JudgementArdhaTower Shiva x Priestess Parvati
90StrengthZaou GongenHermit Arahabaki x Fool Shiki-ouji; Moon Sandalphon x Sun Asura; Hierophant Daisoujou x Sun Horus (or Sparna); Moon Baal Zebul x Sun Horus (or Sparna); Magician Surt x Temperance Yurlungur; Emperor Barong x Magician Mada; Hanged Taowu x Emperor Barong x Hermit Nebiros (or Chariot Thor or Lovers Cybele)
91WorldIzanagi OkamiFool Izanagi x Strength Sandman x Chariot Nata Taishi x Moon Girimehkala x Fortune Norn x Emperor Okuninushi x Hangedman Orthrus x Star Kartikeya x Temperance Mithra x Priestess Tzitzimitl x Tower Cu Chulain x Fool Legion
93JudgementLuciferFortune Ananta x Judgement Michael x Judgement Metatron x Judgement Satan x Judgement Trumpeter x Judgement Anubis
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