How To Raise Understanding Social Stat In Persona 4 Golden

Learn how to improve your Understanding social stat in Persona 4 Golden to determine the right dialogue choices in every conversation.

Persona 4 Golden offers you different aspects in terms of “Social Quality Stats”. These involve five major stats and among these is the one known as “Understanding”. 

Persona 4 Golden Understanding stat is important in terms of speech checks. The reason is that it helps you in determining the right dialogue choices at the right time.

To access the Understanding stats of the social qualities you can visit the protagonist status. This feature is accessed through the status option which can be found in the game menu of Persona 4 Golden. Once you open it you can also view other stats as well.

What does P4G Understanding stat do?

Understanding stats are based on the following five levels. These include:  

Level UnderstandingPoints requirement
1BasicLess than 15
2KindlyBetween 16 and 39
3GenerousBetween 40 and 79
4MotherlyBetween 80 and 139
5SaintlyAbove 140

Once you reach Level 3 of the Understanding stats you can start the social link with “Naoki Konishi”,  a student who can be found at the school.

Similarly, when you reach Level 5 you can engage in a social link with “Shu Nakajima”. He can be found at the tutoring job and this job can increase your understanding stats as well.

Keep in mind that without gaining these levels your social links cannot be instigated.

How to raise Understanding in Persona 4 Golden

You can work on increasing the Understanding stats in P4 Golden using the following in-game actions.

Working (Part-time job)Babysitter, Tutor.Spending time working on weekends can help raise your Understanding stats
Reading BooksShort on Cash,The Final lesson,  Picross Rules, etc.Reading certain books can definitely increase your Understanding stats.
Eating foodSpecial Ramen for 3000 YenEating this Ramen at Aiya also works towards raising your Understanding stats
Sneaking out and playing with your catSpend time with your cat outside the Doujima ResidencePerforming this action can help in increasing your Understanding stats.
CleaningAfter Soccer matchIncreases your understanding and you gain 3 award points as well.

Working part-time jobs, especially at the weekends is a great way to increase your Understanding stats in Persona 4 Golden. These involve jobs like Babysitting or Folding origami etc.

Apart from that you can purchase books like “Off Today, Changing Careers, Sensei’s Friend, etc.” at the central area known as “Inaba” in P4 golden to elevate your Understanding Stats.

Among these actions, the “easiest way” of boosting your Understanding stat is by eating the special Ramen at the Chinese Dinner Aiya which is basically a restaurant. Once you go there, you can indulge in the “Mega Beef Bowl Challenge” and on every attempt that you make for this specific challenge, you will increase three random stats.

However, to Play with the cat outside the Doujima Residence, you need to first unlock the cat. For that, you need to complete two side quests from the man outside the bookstore in the central shopping district.

The first quest involves finding him a peach seed and the second quest is that you travel to the flood plains and feed the stray cat any type of fish that you caught. Once you complete both these quests you will find the cat outside the Doujima Residence in the evening.

Once you indulge yourself in any of the actions above will surely help in raising your Understanding stats in Persona 4 Golden.

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