Persona 4 Golden Character Personas Guide

P4G’s main mechanic revolves around creatures, which are labeled as Personas. An integral part of the game is improving them, and rebirthing them into better and stronger versions of themselves. In this Person 4 Golden Character Personas guide we will show you exactly how to do that!

Persona 4 Golden Character Personas

The Protagonist is able to contain up to a total of 12 Persona cards on-hand after reaching a sufficient level.

Your first Persona will be Izanagi from the Fool Arcana, others are gradually obtained as you play through the game.

Personas will grow and level up through battling and learn skills by building up Social Links. You can also use Skill Cards to learn various new skills.

You can fuse your Personas together or register them using the Compendium.

A Compendium is basically a registry containing all the information you have regarding the Personas you have collected.

Registering a Persona in Compendium will allow you to recall this Persona at a later time, at a cost of course.

Fusing Personas
Head to the Velvet Room and talk to Igor to begin fusing Personas. To start off, you are going to have to present him with two/three cards to fuse and create a new Persona.

Proceeding deeper into the story of the game, you will even be able to eventually more than the restricted two or three number, and go up till combining even a total of six Personas.

There are chances of failure, which means that should there happen to be a misfortune during fusion, and you won’t get the outcome you had hoped to desire.

Save your game first and you’ll be gucci, consider it insurance. Below is an image of all the possible Persona fusions available in P4 Golden.

Compatibility / Locating more Fusions
Don’t want to mess things up, use the Search option in the Fuse menu to find the right Persona for you! The Personas craftable from cards will be the only ones available in this menu.

Prior to fusing, you can check the Fusion Forecast in the Fuse menu of the Velvet Room.

The Forecast will show you bonuses that have a chance of showing up on your newly-fused Personas.

You will be limited to seeing the current day and the next day for the forecast at any given time.

Arcanum and Personas
The Personas represent the different Arcanum found in the game (A total of 24). The Personas in the game are divided into their 24 respective Arcanum.

You will receive EXP boost when fusing Personas in their respective Arcana, should you happen to have the relevant Social Links.

Persona Statistics
The statistics of a Persona will show its resistance and strength against specific attributes. There is a total of 8 attributes to be acknowledged.

  • Physical
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Electricity
  • Wind
  • Light
  • Darkness
  • Almighty

You can have one of five effects be inflicted on a Persona from the above stats. This includes,

  • Resist – Reduced damage.
  • Block – Damage does nothing.
  • Drain – Life leech, damage restores HP.
  • Repel – Reflect damage back at your attacker.
  • Weak – Extra damage, and knockdown.

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