Persona 4 Golden Best Personas Guide

In this Person 4 Golden Character Personas guide we will go over the Persona mechanics of the game and how to utilize them for great benefit

If you want to increase the Protagonist’s power, you have no better option than fusing Personas in Persona 4 Golden. You can increase the Persona stats by leveling it up, but Persona Fusion is the best way to boost the stat. This guide will help you understand the Persona mechanic entirely, and you will learn about some of the best Personas in Persona 4 golden

Persona 4 Golden character personas

The Protagonist is able to contain up to a total of 12 Persona cards on-hand after reaching a sufficient level.

Your first Persona will be Izanagi from the Fool Arcana, others are gradually obtained as you play through the game.

Personas will grow and level up through battling and learn skills by building up Social Links. You can also use Skill Cards to learn various new skills.

You can fuse your Personas together or register them using the Compendium.

A Compendium is basically a registry containing all the information you have regarding the Personas you have collected.

Registering a Persona in Compendium will allow you to recall this Persona at a later time, at a cost of course.
The Personas represent the different Arcanum found in the game (A total of 24). The Personas in the game are divided into their 24 respective Arcanum.

You will receive EXP boost when fusing Personas in their respective Arcana, should you happen to have the relevant Social Links.

Persona Statistics

The statistics of a Persona will show its resistance and strength against specific attributes. There is a total of 8 attributes to be acknowledged.

  • Physical
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Electricity
  • Wind
  • Light
  • Darkness
  • Almighty

You can have one of five effects be inflicted on a Persona from the above stats. This includes,

  • Resist – Reduced damage.
  • Block – Damage does nothing.
  • Drain – Life leech, damage restores HP.
  • Repel – Reflect damage back at your attacker.
  • Weak – Extra damage, and knockdown.

Best Personas in Persona 4 Golden

Out of the numerous Personas out there in 24 different Arcana in P4G, here are some of the best ones listed below with the recommended builds.


Alice is considered one of the top Personas in Persona 4 Golden, renowned for her exceptional magic powers and expertise in Darkness skills. She belongs to the Death Arcana and can only be formed through the fusion of Nebiros of the Hermit Arcana and Belial of the Devil Arcana. With a starting level of 72, Alice has multiple skills that become available as you progress.

One of Alice’s most notable abilities is the Die for Me skill, which can reduce the opponent’s HP to zero. However, it is ineffective against bosses as they are immune to such attacks. In addition, Alice possesses various Darkness skills such as “Mamudoon,” which can instantly eliminate enemies, and Mind Charge, which increases the damage of other magic abilities.

Recommended build:

Die for MeMudo Boost
Mind ChargeEndure Light
MegidolaonFire Amp


Another noteworthy Persona belonging to the Fool Arcana is Loki. Unlike Alice, who can only be formed through a specific fusion, Loki can be created through fusions with Personas from various Arcana. Its initial level is 64, which can be obtained by maximizing the Fool Social Skill. 

Regarding abilities, Loki inherits the mastery of the Ice Element from its parent Persona. Furthermore, Loki boasts physical and magical attack capabilities and is the only Persona in the game capable of learning and utilizing the powerful Niflheim Ice spell.

Recommended build:

NiflheimIcs Amp
MabufudyneNull Fire
Mind ChargeNull Light
Ice BoostAbsorb Physical


Yoshitsune is a formidable Persona in the game, hailed for its immense power and prowess. It belongs to the Tower Arcana. You can get it through a unique pentagon fusion of Personas from five distinct Arcana, with a default level of 75. One of Yoshitsune’s defining traits is its exceptional physical abilities, particularly the devastating Hassou Tobi, which deals eight times the normal damage, and Power Charge, which doubles the damage of the next attack. 

These skills make Yoshitsune an unparalleled force to be reckoned with and a popular choice for players taking on intense bosses. It’s worth mentioning that Hassou Tobi is a signature skill of Yoshitsune, and you can’t transfer it to other Personas through fusion.

Recommended build:

Hassou TobiRepel Fire
Insta-HealRepel Ice
Apt PupilAbsorb Wind
Arms MasterRepel Dark


Trumpeter, a Persona belonging to the Judgement Arcana, is renowned for its supportive abilities and strong resistance to various elements. Unlike other Personas, Trumpeter cannot be found on cards. You can only get it through a complex Hexagon fusion. It is a crucial support role in the game, providing buffing abilities to the party. 

With a default level of 67, Trumpeter possesses both offensive and defensive capabilities through its Debilitate and Dekaja support skills. These skills can significantly enhance the party’s overall power, making it a formidable battle ally. With just three skills, Trumpeter can become an Almighty force, considerably contributing to the party’s success.

Recommended build:

Heat RiserSpell Master
DebilitateAbsorb Physical
Power ChargeAbsorb Fire
Mind ChargeAbsorb Wind


Surt, belonging to the Magic Arcana, is well-known for its expertise in the Fire Element. With a default level of 69, Surt can be obtained either through the Yomotsu Hirasaka Dungeon or by fusing with other Personas. As a Fire Element specialist, Surt can deliver massive damage through its fire-based attacks. 

Moreover, in Persona 4 Golden, Surt is associated with the special attack Ragnarok, further amplifying its already formidable abilities. Surt’s mastery of the Fire Element and its unique special attack makes it a valuable asset in battles and a highly sought-after Persona by players.

Recommended build:

RagnarokFire Amp
MaragidyneRepel Light
Fire BoostRepel Dark
Mind ChangeNull Ice

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