How To Get And Use Schematics In Palworld

Use Schematics and upgrade your Gear and items to a higher rarity.

In Palworld, you will need Schematics to upgrade your existing gear or sometimes even craft new items. Even if you have some great weapons, you can make them even deadlier with the help of schematics.

If you manage to find a schematic with high rarity, it can give a significant boost to your gear. However, most players still don’t know how to get these schematics and use them. Don’t worry; this guide will cover how you can get and use schematics.

Best ways to find Schematics in Palworld

You can find schematics in many ways, but to find some rare ones, you need to explore dungeons. The higher the level of the dungeon, the higher the chances of finding rare and uncommon schematics.

Only some of the dungeons are marked on the map; you need to keep your eyes open and look for caves while exploring. After finding some dungeons, you must progress to the end and loot the chest in the boss area to find schematics. Even if you don’t find schematics, you will find rare items.

After looting chests in dungeons, the second best way of finding schematics in Palworld is by buying from Wandering Merchants. You can find these merchants wandering around on the map. You can visit the location below to find one of the Wandering Merchants in Palworld.

Besides the methods above, you can also get standard schematics by opening the chest across the map. Chests that require copper keys have a higher probability of having a schematic.

Taking out high-level human enemies after defending your base from raids can also get you some rare schematics. Once you have schematics, the next thing is how to use them.

How to use Schematics

Once you have a schematic, you can use it multiple times to upgrade or craft the item and gear. The first thing you must ensure before using the schematic is that it is in your inventory.

After ensuring this, when you take this schematic to the workbench where you can use it, you will unlock the recipe. After finding the required items, you can upgrade the gear or item.

If you don’t have the item whose schematic you find, you must first unlock it from the Technology Tree. The best thing about these schematics is you can collect or use them when playing with friends.

Just put these in the chest, and then you can use them when needed by moving them to Palworld Inventory. The rarity of the schematic will determine the boost you will get in the gear stats. These blueprints will significantly help you, especially when fighting the most formidable enemies during the endgame.

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