How To Play Multiplayer Co-Op In Palworld

Team up with your friends and explore the islands together.

The newly launched, open-world adventure game Palworld integrates a traditional co-op/multiplayer mode that allows players to team up and hunt for new Pals together, build and share a base, or pit their Pals against each other in battles.

In this guide, we will explain how you can join your friends and play co-op in Palworld on the various platforms it’s currently available.

How to play Palworld with your friends

Currently, Palworld supports a maximum of 4 players in its online co-op mode. Players who have purchased the game on Steam can extend this limit to 32 by playing on dedicated servers. This same luxury, however, is not available for Xbox and Game Pass owners.

To invite friends, click on Start Game on the main menu and click on Create New World. Toggle the Multiplayer switch to On, choose your desired difficulty level, and set up the world.

Whilst in the game, bring up the Pause menu; you will notice a 7-word invite code. Copy that code and send it to your friends.

Your friend simply has to load up his game, click on Join Multiplayer Game (Invite Code), and simply enter the code to play Co-op in Palworld.

It is important to know that everyone must be on the same version of the game, otherwise, you may experience an error message whilst connecting to multiplayer.


If you want to share and build bases together, you have to join a Guild. That can be done so by approaching the other player and holding the instructed button on the prompt.

Co-op mode error messages and fixes

Players may experience error messages whilst starting a Palworld game with the multiplayer toggle turned on. This is due to server issues because of the immense number of players currently playing the game; simply turn off the multiplayer toggle and play solo to get the error message to go away.

PocketPair, Palworld’s developer, has also communicated a fix on its X (Twitter) handle; to fix the black screen issue, try reconnecting 2-3 times or start the game in single-player and then toggle Multiplayer on from the Main Menu whilst launching a new World.

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