How To Get Ancient Civilization Parts In Palworld

Time to take down some bosses and get those ancient civilization parts.

Palworld isn’t all about catching pals and using them in your base for different purposes. You will also need to build new structures and craft important items such as the Grappling Gun which require Ancient Civilization Parts.

There are multiple ways to get your hands on these resources, all of which depend on your exploration and pal-handling skills. Keep reading this guide to learn all the locations and methods to farm Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld.

How to get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

The only way to get Ancient Civilization Parts is to defeat or capture bosses in Palworld. These bosses come in a few shapes, including Alpha Pals, Dungeon bosses, and Lucky Pals.

Alpha Pals

Alpha Pals are the best way to farm Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld. These are Area Bosses on the Palpagos map, often bigger and stronger than their normal counterparts. With a high health pool and better attack combos, they are comparatively harder to fight and catch.

Each Alpha Pal drops Ancient Civilization Parts once it is captured or defeated. All 41 Alpha Pals respawn after one hour of real-world time, making them a near-unlimited source of getting Ancient Civilization Parts.

The easiest Alpha Pal to capture is Chillet, a level 10 pal with minimal attack and defense stats. With the help of a good Ice-pal, you can farm Ancient Civilization Parts from Chillet quite early in Palworld.


Every Alpha Pal provides Ancient Technology Points when it’s defeated for the first time in the game.

Dungeon Bosses

The Palworld map contains over 100 dungeons that you can explore during gameplay progression. Each dungeon offers a boss pal at the end, and you have a high chance of farming Ancient Civilization Parts from this particular pal by catching or killing it.

The problem with dungeons is that these are often hard to come across and can be missed easily by the player. Additionally, the bosses at the end don’t guarantee Ancient Civilization parts upon their defeat.

Still, this method is worth trying especially if you are fond of exploration and want to acquire as many resources as possible.

Lucky Pals

Lucky Pals are the rarest breed of pals in the entire Palpagos Island. These can be recognized by a sparkling sound and some star-like particles swirling around them. If you come across one of these by luck, make sure to capture it to farm Ancient Civilization Parts.

We recommend not killing Lucky Pals, as you may have to wait for quite some time to find another one in your Palworld. journey.

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