Best Gathering Pals In Palworld

It’s the harvest season.

To achieve a well-functioning base in Palworld, you need the best Gathering Pals with the right Work Suitability for each of the essential tasks like planting, mining gathering, etc. That is how you increase your resources.

Gathering is a work suitability trait and one of the most vital to tend to your farming needs. Pals with this trait will tend to your crops and harvest them when ripe.

Best Pals for Gathering in Palworld

Even among Pals with the same work suitability, you will find that different Pals have different levels of the same Work Suitability.

On top of that, some Pals have multiple work suitability. These kinds of Pals are great to have on base as they are the jacks of all trades. However, they are easily distracted and will often leave one task half-done to start working on another.

We recommend getting Pals with either 1 or 2 work suitability traits, including gathering to keep them focused on the assigned task.

7. Cattiva

Cattiva is the best gathering Pal for early-game in Palworld. It is one of the most common Pals and can be found in spades near the spawn.

Cattiva has multiple work suitability traits including Gathering, Handiwork, Mining, etc. making it an all-rounder at the base. All its traits are Level 1 but they are still useful during the early parts of the game.

Having a Cattiva in your base will be enough to keep the gathering function of your base going for the earlier levels but it will be easily distracted and you will have to manually assign it to the gathering task by lifting it and throwing it near the said task.

6. Tanzee

Tanzee also comes in the same category as the Cattiva. It also possesses multiple other skills other than Gathering which makes it a complete all-around worker at the base.

The main reason it is ranked higher than the Cattiva is due to its Planting skill. This enables it to be a complete farm worker by planting and harvesting the crops on its own, unlike the Cattiva which can only harvest crops due to the lack of the planting skill. They can be found at the following locations:

5. Petallia

The Petallia is an upgrade from the previous two Pals, it has Level 2 Gathering which makes for faster harvesting. On top of this, it has Level 3 Planting that makes for rapid crop planting.

Pair that with its Level 2 Gathering, Handiwork, and Medicine Production, the Petallia is one of the must-have workers on your base when you progress a little into the game.

Finding it is a bit hard, they can be found on the tiny island at the bottom of the game map.

4. Nitewing

Nitewing has the same Level 2 gathering as Petallia in Palworld but what makes this Pal different is that Gathering is its only work suitability.

This means it will stay focused on gathering alone and will not be distracted by other work on the base. It is also easier to capture a Nitewing fairly early in the game in the following locations: 


It is a good idea to capture more than 1 Nitewing as it will also be the first flying mount you can obtain in the game.

3. Verdash

Another all-round worker and an upgrade on all the previous entries in this list, as it possesses Level 3 Gathering. This Level of Gathering is one of the highest in the game and is only beaten by the Frosttallion Noct.

Verdash is hard to capture and you need to be around Level 40-45 to catch it. It spawns around the North-Western Island called Wildlife Sanctuary No.2. and is quite far from the starting area. It is much better to fight and capture Verdash in a boss fight at the following location.

2. Jetragon

The Jetragon has a Level 3 Gathering skill. And that’s it. This unique attribute makes it one of the best crop harvesters in the game since it won’t be distracted by other tasks.

The Jetragon is the fastest flying mount in Palworld and can only be obtained by defeating him in a boss fight located in the far-left corner of the map.

1. Frostallion Noct

The single best Pal for gathering in Palworld is Frostallion Noct. This incredibly rare Pal has a single focus Work Suitability of gathering at level 4.

Unfortunately, you cannot find this Pal in the open world but can only obtain this via breeding. You will need to crossbreed a Frostallion and a Helzephyr Pal in a breeding farm. The egg you receive from them will hatch a Frostallion Noct after incubation.

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