Palworld: Elizabee Location (& Best Breeding Combos)

Stings like a bee!

Elizabee is one of the few interesting Grass Pals in Palworld and an extremely efficient worker for your base. However, catching one is not as easy as one might think.

If you encounter this Pal as an Alpha boss, she will be accompanied by 2 or 3 Beegardes. These minions are a big nuisance in the fight.

Despite it, it is worth the effort to fight and capture Elizabee and the Beegardes as all of them will drop Honey – an extremely valuable resource for breeding Pals at your base. You might also find an Elizabee Staff that can be used to craft a spear.

Even though you can encounter some rare, basic Elizabees in the open world, it is advisable to go for the Alpha variant of Elizabee and beat her in a boss fight for the added benefit of Ancient Technology points and Ancient Civilization Parts. In this guide, we will help you find Elizabee Boss location and tell you the best ways to defeat her.

Where to find Elizabee in Palworld?

Elizabee is one of the Alpha Pals you encounter as World Bosses in Palworld. Her fight location will be marked on your map once you approach the nearby area north of Elphidran and Petallia. The closest fast travel point to this location is the Lake Center.

Specifically, this location is at the coordinates 20,-157 but if you were to simply run around that area, you are likely to not find it there.

To reach the Alpha Elizabee, you must reach the coordinates 32, -185 and enter the cave called the Devout’s Mineshaft. Now head straight and eventually, you will come across the Elizabee Boss’s lair. The entrance to the Elizabee cave is also marked in the image below:

How to catch Elizabee

As you enter the cave you will find out that Elizabee is not the only enemy you need to beware of. As said earlier, she will be protected by a few Beegardes that will try to latch onto you and detonate, taking off a good chunk of your health bar.

It is recommended that you purely focus on dealing with the Beegardes first to make the fight a bit easier. Elizabee is a level 31 boss fight so make sure to match her level or bring your best Fire Pals with you.

Once you and your Pals have managed to whittle down her health enough, throw a few Mega Spheres at her to test out your luck but she will most likely only be captured using a Giga Sphere which can be unlocked at level 20.

If you don’t have the required Pal Spheres, we would recommend getting a Stun Baton to increase your chances for a catch. Once you have caught her, she will be available to you in your Palbox.

If you have not leveled up enough to beat Elizabee in the boss fight or want a simpler catch, you can find this Pal spawning at lower levels in a few sections of the map as well. Elizabee spawns relatively more frequently in the area northwest of the Hypocrite Hill.

This includes the whole of the Verdant Brooke area with the Frostbound Mountains in the center excluded. There are many fast travel points in this biome, including the Sealed Realm of the Guardian, the Sealed Realm of the Swift, and the Mossanda Forest.

Did You Know

This whole area is a very good Mossanda spawn location as well.

Alternatively, you can also try finding a Huge Verdant Egg – spawned randomly throughout the world – and hatch it to get an Elizabee, but the chances of getting one from it are random.

How to breed Elizabee in Palworld

One of the easiest methods to obtain a Pal in Palworld is to breed it. Elizabee can also be acquired in the same, but there are a few specific combinations of Pals that you have to breed to get one.

Remember Elizabee is one of many Pals that can be bred from the same combination of Pals, which is why getting one this way isn’t guaranteed. Regardless, here is a list of the best combination of Pals to breed to get an Elizabee.

  • Mossanda with Reptyro Cryst
  • Mossanda with Pyrin Noct
  • Nitewing with Pyrin Noct
  • Nitewing with Lyleen
  • Penking with Astegon
  • Penking with Orserk

Best breeding combos for Elizabee in Palworld

One of the best ways to use your Pals in Palworld is to breed them with other Pals to produce unique or stronger offspring. An Elizabee also has the potential to produce excellent offspring if bred with the correct Pals.

Here is a list of the best Pals you can breed with an Elizabee:

Elizabee bred withOffspring

Elizabee weaknesses and stats

Elizabee is by nature a Grass-type Pal, which means that it is weak against Fire-type Pals – which is why we recommended bringing some into the fight. It has pretty decent base stats, which are as follows:

  • HP: 90
  • Attack: 105
  • Defense: 100
  • Partner Skill: Queen Bee Command – Elizabee’s damage is increased slightly depending on the level of the skill.

Despite these decent base stats though, Elizabee isn’t primarily meant for combat. This Pal is mainly used as a worker at your base because of its excellent combination of Work Suitabilities. These include:

  • Level 2 Planting
  • Level 2 Handiwork
  • Level 1 Lumbering
  • Level 2 Medicine
  • Level 2 Gathering

With such a huge arsenal in Work Suitability, this Pal can handle almost any task required at the base. The only thing left out is mining, but Digtoise is the best option for that.

If you want to use Elizabee in combat, then this Pal isn’t a bad option either. This is because including Grass-type Active Skills like Wind Cutter, Grass Tornado, Spine Vine, and Spinning Lance, it also has Poison Blast and Air Cannon, which are Dark and Neutral-type respectively.

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